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Python Engineer

£60,000 – £70,500 yearly

Air Recruitment

Air Recruitment

Last Updated: 11/12/22

Job Description

Senior Python Engineer, Central London / Remote – Up to £70.5k DOE plus benefits

This leading global data and measurement-driven media agency need a new Senior Python Engineer, to work with some of the most forward-thinking people and brands in tech.

This Senior Python Engineer will be responsible for:

  • Building and deployment of back end services communicating over a range of interfaces
  • Implementation of interfaces defined together with an Engineering Lead or Architect
  • Estimation and delivery of working code on time and to agreed standards
  • Code reviews for other team members
  • Mentoring of more junior team members
  • Maintaining code standards
  • Writing tests (unit tests, BDD tests) and working with QA
  • Maintaining CICD pipelines
  • Writing of proofs of concept for new architecture, techniques and technologies
  • Taking part in specification workshops where we define functional and non-functional characteristics of our systems
  • Participating in team meetings
  • Participating in Chapter meetings
  • Interviewing new team members

This Senior Python Engineer will have a proven track of:

  • 5+ years of writing clean, well-designed, tested, and reusable code
  • Using test driven approach to programming: TDD for unit tests and BDD for functional tests
  • Use of web frameworks such as Flask, Django, node.js or Ruby on Rails
  • Use of SCM i.e Git and platforms such as Github or Gitlab
  • Understanding basic architectural patterns, when to apply them and their trade-offs
  • Working with microservices communicating over a range of interfaces such as REST, gRPC and event/message based
  • Playing a crucial role in every part of the software life-cycle: inception, specification, design, implementation with testing, delivery

This Senior Python Developer will demonstrate the ability to:

  • Write software using all their core languages (Python, ECMAscript, TypeScript)
  • Implement interfaces based on OpenAPI
  • Apply appropriate testing techniques
  • Write asynchronous and parallel software
  • Write scalable software
  • Understand the concept of cloud based software environment and its trade offs
  • Understand the ideas expressed using diagrams and schemas
  • Effectively communicate with your peers
  • Understand and maintain the Continuous Delivery pipelines
  • Prototype solutions defined by Product and following agreed patterns
  • Acknowledge and be able to explain the trade offs with any technical decision
  • Support and teach junior members of the team
  • Be passionate about improving coding and development practices
  • Be proactive in highlighting debt/risks within our software and be part of the solution

This Senior Python Engineer will have the following knowledge:

  • Python - expert level
  • SQL / Database knowledge is essential, relational and non-relational solutions
  • Understands how the web works and REST APIs pub/sub, GRPC, AMQP, Docker - solid competency
  • You have experienced monolithic big balls of mud. (So you know what not to do.)
  • You have suffered an Us vs Them culture with QA. (So you know what not to do.)

It would be great to see this kind of experience in this Senior Python Engineer:

  • Passion for open-source software and contributing to the community
  • Testing using Selenium
  • Building and deploying Python projects, Gitlab
  • Experience with GCP (Cloud Functions, AppEngine, GKE)
  • Async and asyncio
  • Experience within the Advertising / Media / Adtech space
  • Working with the business sides of Adwords, DS3, DCM, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin
  • ECMAScript, TypeScript
  • Angular
  • BPMN, sequence diagrams, ERD for diagramming
  • Terraform, Kubernetes

​Are you the switched-on, smart, ambitious and tech-savvy Senior Python Engineer this leading digital/data agency need right now? If so, please get in touch quoting job reference SS684.

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London, London, United Kingdom
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