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About us

glh is the largest hotel owner-operator in London with 5,000+ bedrooms, enabling us to be the world’s best‐managed hospitality company offering the best guest centered experience in the industry.

We always aim high, working to challenge and improve the status quo through an impressive portfolio of brands and industry leading performance enhancers.

This drive and passion has helped us to redefine industry standards. Through pioneering digital innovation and our exciting entrepreneurial approach to general management, we are helping to create success for everyone we work with (and for).

And we are a forward-thinking company that challenges the norm. We question everything. We will never grow and progress if we think ‘we can’t do that’ – so we prefer ‘well, let’s see if we can’.

We are, at our heart, a people company and connect one‐to‐one with investors, developers, colleagues, partners, clients and guests to create the most successful, enjoyable and profitable experience for all of us. We are refreshingly different. We are distinctly us.

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