The Skills Network

The Skills Network

The Skills Network

Selby, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom Selby, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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The Skills Network is an organisation that is truly different.

We are an online learning and skills training provider that is underpinned by market-leading technology, but more importantly we are an EdTech company that understands training, skills and pedagogy. The combination of the two is incredibly powerful. Our philosophy to empower our staff in decision making and encourage entrepreneurialism has driven growth and a different way of thinking.

From our end-to-end learning and development solutions, through to our processes driven by the latest technologies, we have created a business that has a reputation for excellence.

Underpinning our success is The Skills Network’s bespoke technology solution, EQUAL. Developed around our own delivery expertise and need, it is the foundation in learning delivery, resource development and technology solutions that are embedded within our customer base.

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