Why Employees Should Keep Interviewers Waiting

Written by: Simon Lewis
Published on: 8 Oct 2014

As more than 1/3 of jobseekers would hang around forever


A recent poll conducted by niche job advertising 

website, OnlyMarketingJobs.com, has revealed that 35% of people would wait “as long as it takes” to be seen by their interviewer before leaving.

Whilst the shocking result intimates desperation amongst jobseekers, many of the 444 respondents thought that, in fact, being patient highlighted enthusiasm, determination and conscientiousness – key traits sought after by employers. If you’ve made the effort to attend the interview it’s worth sticking around, which will also help you stand out from your competitors, many of whom may automatically rule themselves out by leaving the process early.

Billie Graham [square]Billie Graham, social media & community manager at ecommerce recruitment specialists,Cranberry Panda, advises there are distinct advantages to playing the long game: “I would only go for an interview at a company I really wanted to work for so, ultimately, it would be worth the wait. I would also make the most of the time by speaking with the receptionist, get a feel for the atmosphere, have a look around. I’d turn it into a positive experience and if I liked what I saw I wouldn’t hesitate to mention that the wait offered a great insight into the business and had exceeded my already high expectations.”

Here are the results of the poll:



What about you? How long would you wait and why?

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