What Your Website Needs To Be Successful

What Your Website Needs To Be Successful

In the past few weeks, we’ve realised how important websites are. Many local businesses, who wouldn’t usually rely on their online presence, are rushing to create websites or add an eCommerce element to their site. It’s no different within the recruitment sector.

We spoke with recruitment website masters, Staffing Future and Volcanic, for some of their top tips.

Simplicity – this is hugely important for good user experience. If you require candidates to create an account to apply for jobs then make it easy for them. If you can integrate a social login or an autofill profile from a candidate's CV, you’re likely to see a boost in job applications.

Stand out with striking visuals – large chunks of text are not appealing to the human eye. Break up your website with eye-catching visuals. Use video when possible as 90% of online users access video-based content. Not only that they’re a brilliant source of content which we all know is King.

Keep in touch – do you have an automated emailing system where relevant candidates are sent relevant roles? Here at OnlyMarketingJobs.com, we know how important these ‘job alerts’ are. In the past 10 years, our Jobs by Email system has bought on average 1/3 of all applications as it allows candidates to see marketing jobs matching their criteria sent directly to them. To this end, having smart job listings: Jobs categorised based on a variety of criteria including location, industry, and skills can help candidates find and apply for jobs quickly.

Be responsive – If you don’t already have a responsive website then now is the time to make this happen. Not only does Google rank responsive websites higher but data, from our marketing job board, OnlyMarketingJobs, suggests 49.35% of traffic is from a mobile device. With, 46.02% of jobseekers searching for jobs using their mobile phone. If your website is too difficult to navigate on a mobile you could be losing almost 50% of your traffic.

Ease of navigation – Not only should your site be responsive it should also provide a good candidate experience. If your site has slow-to-load images or a confusing layout you will lose that candidate. Instead create a site that has a simple layout, relevant content, and a strong call to action.

Super SEO – We touched on the fact that a responsive site will help to boost your Google ranking but there are many other things you can do to help. Have a read of these quick and easy to implement SEO tips

If your business needs advice from recruitment website geniuses both Volcanic and Staffing Future are offering a free website report.


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Volcanic are offering a free website audit - discover how your website is performing and what areas can be improved. Staffing Future will perform a free website report to give you an idea of how your site is performing, where it isn't, and let you know where the traffic is your business should be targeting.