What Will Jobs Look Like In 100 Years?

Written by: Laura Chetcuti
Published on: 21 Oct 2015


Confession: Back To The Future is actually marginally before my time, but of course I have seen it and thoroughly enjoyed it on numerous occasions growing up! Today, October 21st 2015, is the day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown travelled to when they decided to propel themselves into the future, and at the moment, in London at least, it is hardly the most impressive start (mainly due to the fact that it has been raining all morning)! However, technology-wise there are some fabulous things going on in London. The film actually got its predictions right in many respects though, for instance, hands free video games, drones and video glasses are just some of the technologies which have come to fruition over the past 30 years. As exciting as Xbox Kinect was for the 5 hours we spent playing it, about 3 Christmas' ago, it doesn't quite get me going as much as a flying car would! So what do we think jobs will be like in a 100 years? 


​1. Personal Trainers

If you thought your personal trainer was a machine now, give him or her 100 years. It will either make for a seriously fit population or kill us all.. either way! 


2. Home-workers 

Home-working will only get cooler! Yeah, you may spend your WFH days in bed now, but imagine waking up in a pod on your spaceship and tapping into your phone without touching it?!


3. The Army 

World peace will have been achieved by now (wishful thinking) and all of the world's military will be taken over by cats with..er...lightsabers. 


4. Video Game Developers

This one is just really cool/they probably already do this in a dark basement man-cave, somewhere two miles south of Jackson, Ohio.


5. Postmen/Delivery workers 

Of course, Marty McFly had to feature somewhere! How cool would it be if Jason, your DPD driver turned up on one of these?! #gimmeagoJase 


6. The Police 

Policemen will have been replaced by giant, black, robotical tarantulas. In my opinion, more effective - much scarier and they could eat peoples faces off without getting reprimanded. Why? Who on earth would want to fight with a jumbo, technological arachnid?


7. Dance Instructors

Dance teachers will eventually be armies of robots. Who wouldn't want to go to a dance class taught by a robot with magical puppy dog eyes and legs like hoovers? 


8. Footballers

Footballers will finally start resembling something a little closer to their mental age (controversial) in height and er..be taken over by robots. I love robots. 


9. 3D Designers 

Apparently 3D design teams will consist of at least one giant as a mandatory requirement. 


10. Teachers

Kids will be able to sabotage lessons a million times easier with the likes of wall-format display glass. Let's be hoping they have good parental control settings...


11. Travel Agents 

It's all very shocking stuff...


12. Cowboys 

Cowboys will adopt that rustier, trying to look really poor but actually really expensive, robot look and operate their avatars from pod cars in Mars.


13. Celebrities 

Celebrities will continue in their overarching aim in life to look as ridiculous as humanely possible and still think they look cool. Just so you know, you don't look cool! You look like something I bought my niece from the clearance section of a charity shop in Sark!  


I say this with the deepest regret, that unfortunately, on OnlyMarketingJobs.com we don't advertise jobs for Hover Board Delivery Drivers or Feline Militia, but we DO advertise an earth-shattering mélange of fantabulous marketing jobs. I mean, you never know, that marketing job might turn you into a Jupiter-based spaceman specialising in CRM in a few years so it's always worth a look.