What Recruiters Do When They Receive Your CV

Written by: Simon Lewis
Published on: 4 Apr 2012

How optimising your online profile is essential for career progression

Watering the green shoots of jobs recoveryIn a competitive job market it’s essential to be visible.  And that means optimising your online profile: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook et al.  Because make no mistake, when you send your CV to a prospective employer or recruitment consultancy, the first thing they’ll do is run a check on you.  Whether you agree or disagree with this preliminary check, Big Brother is only getting bigger.

Samantha Glazer, director of marketing & PR recruitment specialists, SG Search & Select, was recently asked to talk to graduates about how recruiters check out their profile on social media.  But this information is relevant to all jobseeker levels.  The slideshow below demonstrates what a recruiter/future employer will do when they receive your CV and actions that you can do to ensure that you ‘stand out in a crowd’.

SG Search and Select

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