What Actually Is An Advertising Agency Job?

Written by: Laura Chetcuti
Published on: 18 Nov 2015

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The world of marketing agencies is so diverse. To give you a very top line idea of the kinds of roles you can obtain agency-side, we have started with the world of advertising agencies and picked out some of the most common job titles that we see come through weekly on our job board.

Advertising agencies are service organisations that create, plan and handle advertising for their clients. Job roles differ hugely from agency to agency but the premise is usually the same. We have categorised the advertising agency world into the 4 categories of a full-service agency environment; account management, creative, media planning and research. We have tried to keep it as simple as possible so check it out:


Account Management

What is an Account Manager?

The role of the Account Manager in an advertising agency is to represent a specific client within their agency. Account management is all about building and maintaining relationships, and it is the Account Manager’s job to get the best out of their agency on behalf of their client, whilst still ensuring profitable return for the agency. The best Account Managers know their client’s business inside out. They understand the consumer and ultimately live and breathe the entire advertising marketing space.

Top objectives of the Account Manager role:

  • To understand the client’s business, marketing strategy and overall media objectives
  • To build strong relationships with colleagues, both internally and externally, in order to get the best out of the agency in the best interests of their client
  • To project manage campaigns with the ability to make solid recommendations through a thorough understanding of the client’s growth strategy
  • Recognising networking opportunities and using contacts to generate new business for the agency
  • To have confidence in the delivery of presentations and pitching fresh new ideas to clients in line with the agency’s capabilities

Account Management Jobs



What is an Account Planner?

The role of an Account Planner is to champion the communications strategy, ensuring that the consumer is fully considered during advertising development. Account Planners combine market data, qualitative research and product expertise to empower the creative team in producing inventive, fresh ideas with the correct audience in mind. They are consumer experts who relentlessly study and keep updated with consumer trends, as well as being fully aware of consumer preferences where marketing communications are concerned.

Top objectives of the Account Planner role:

  • To provide customer insights, strategic direction and communications planning across client accounts
  • Deliver on-going monitoring of campaign success and to provide strategic recommendations, constantly challenging the client’s brief to identify critical gaps and opportunities
  • Liaising with clients and in-house colleagues to pinpoint business problems through the analysis and interpretation of information
  • Evaluating campaign effectiveness, constantly focusing and re-focusing the strategy towards the consumer
  • To carry out or direct market research projects

Planning Jobs

Market Research Jobs 



What is a Creative Director?

Creative Directors guide and oversee the creative personnel within an agency including Artists, Copywriters, Illustrators, Graphic Designers and Photographers. Whilst many people contribute to the overall advertising process within the agency, it is the creative team who invent and produce it. Account Managers and Account Planners assist in guiding the creative team on the wants and needs of the client and the creative team then bring the ideas to fruition. Creative is interesting because it encompasses many disciplines and there is a variety of paths you can take in beginning your climb to a Creative Director job. For example you might start off as an Illustrator, an Art Assistant or a Copywriter.

Top objectives of the Creative Director role:

  • To implement the creative vision of both the agency and the client, internally driving the quality of the work being produced and standing on the front line of the agency’s external reputation
  • To nurture and motivate teams of creatives and encourage the wider agency team in progressing ideas, concepts, campaigns, and insights to empower a client’s industry position
  • To work closely with the account management teams to ensure all creative briefs are being met with client expectations
  • Contribute conceptually and partner with designers to develop ideas and visual communications
  • To deliver category defining work for clients and constantly look to push creative limits with conviction

Creative & Design Jobs



What is a Media Planner?

The Media Planner is responsible for placing advertising so that it will get seen by the right audience. It is also part of the Media Planner’s job to make this as cost effective for the agency as possible. Ways of communicating are constantly changing, which makes media planning interesting as it is forever evolving. The role of the Media Planner is to come up with a strategy to increase advertising reach at the best possible price.

Top objectives of the Media Planner:

  • Work across press, television, radio and the internet  to identify which media platforms are best placed to advertise a client's brand based on their brief and audience
  • Facilitate client’s desire to maximise the impact of their advertising campaigns
  • To develop and maintain beneficial contacts with media owners such as newspapers, magazines and websites
  • Collaborate heavily with the account management team and other media planners to create digital media plans and continuously analysing the cost of campaigns
  • To negotiate with media representatives using advanced market knowledge in order to obtain cost effective advertising solutions

Media Planning Jobs


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