What Actually Is A Marketing Job?

Published: 03 Nov 2015 By Laura Chetcuti

7 P's of Marketing

There are an overwhelming number of marketing jobs available within a multitude of industries across the UK and, indeed, abroad! Are you questioning which marketing jobs might be obtainable for YOU? This article is the first in a series to give you a modest run down on the diverse variety of marketing jobs available across a wide range of marketing-friendly skill sets. Forget trawling job sites for the right roles. Begin here to understand the fundamentals of each dicscipline before you take the job-seeker plunge! 


What is Brand Marketing?

Brand marketing is all about evolving and developing brand identity and, above all, personality! Branding is all about representation and communication, and Brand Managers get the opportunity to collaborate with heaps of people across an extensive range of disciplines, including advertising, sponsorship, market research and creative design (to name but a few!). 

Top objectives of Brand Marketing:

  • Creating and protecting a consistent brand image 
  • Inspiring and encouraging buyers to purchase your product
  • Developing and retaining new and existing customer loyalty
  • Provoking an emotional reaction with the customer
  • Enhancing brand credibility in what can sometimes be a highly competitive market place

Brand Marketing Jobs 


What is Channel Marketing?

Channel marketing is the process by which goods journey from manufacturers to consumers. It is becoming progressively difficult for businesses to sell a product in just one place, and Channel Marketing offers those businesses with a distinct strategy and plan in considering every conceivable point in the path, between product and consumer. When a business is searching for new channels of distribution, they rely on a Channel Marketer to help max out the potential of that strategy. 

Top objectives of Channel Marketing:

  • Identifying, securing and maintaining relationships between producers and  retailers
  • Building and promoting a defined B2B marketing strategy (channel is mainly B2B)
  • Managing every aspect of a business’s channel partnerships
  • Negotiating and evaluating new and existing contracts 

Channel Marketing Jobs


What is Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing is fairly self-explanatory. It is all about DIRECT interaction with new and existing customers in order to promote a product. Varieties of direct marketing include email, telephone and SMS as well as more traditional methods including leaflets and direct mail. You can also be imaginative in this role; formulating strategies for competitions, giveaways, vouchers, events and whatever else you can conjure!

Top objectives of Direct Marketing:

  • Planning and implementing marketing campaigns across specified direct marketing channels 
  • Monitoring and reporting on all campaign activity/performance, converting this into ROI and contributing towards the growth strategy for the business 
  • Developing customer acquisition, conversion and engagement
  • Promoting products, services and brands to increase sales
  • Devising creative direct marketing initiatives, keeping to tight budgets and ensuring the smooth running of all campaigns

Direct Marketing Jobs 


What is Product Marketing?

Product marketing throws up the infamous 7 P’s of marketing: product, pricing, place, promotion, physical environment, process and people. Product marketing deals with the overall process of promoting a product to a customer base.

Top objectives of Product Marketing:

  • Defining the scope of the product line
  • Identifying prospective markets for a product
  • Determining optimal pricing for the market
  • Encouraging potential customers to purchase the product
  • Locating the best distribution methods for delivering the product to customers or to sales locations.

Product Marketing Jobs


What is Shopper Marketing?

Shopper is perhaps one of the most psychologically-charged marketing disciplines you can get involved in. Shopper marketing is about understanding exactly how your customers behave across numerous channels and formats. Shopper marketers use insight and leverage it with the aim of appealing to the shopper at the point of purchase. Shopper is constantly searching for the crucial opportunities at the exact point that customers are ready and prepared to purchase.

Top objectives of Shopper Marketing:

  • Understanding customer purchasing behaviours and using insight to implement effective point-of-sale initiatives
  • Bringing brands to life within the retail environment
  • Developing an understanding of the connection between the brand portfolio and the shopper
  • Devising and translating marketing strategy into tailored, compelling activities at POS

Shopper Marketing Jobs


What is Trade Marketing?

Trade marketing focuses on strengthening demand at retail, wholesale and distribution level rather than concentrating on the consumer. Trade marketing is all about marketing products to vital supply chain partners. 

Top objectives of Trade Marketing:

  • Maximising the visibility of a brand to supply chain partners
  • Driving distribution to increase brand presence and market share
  • Building strong relationships with new and existing partners
  • Developing and executing trade promotions in order to drive growth and keep supply chain partners satisfied
  • Developing and implementing thorough marketing plans 
  • Analysing category data and customer reports in order to produce cohesive strategies for trade

Trade Marketing Jobs


We hope you found the first installment of this series useful! Keep your eyes peeled for future guides which include What Actually Is A Digital Marketing Job? and What Actually Is An Agency-side Marketing Job? 



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