This Year’s Top Digital Marketing Jobs

Published on: 2 Jul 2020

We're all aware that the digital era is upon us so it's not surprising that Digital Marketing jobs are on the rise with new jobs being created to fill a digital need. We partnered with our sister site OnlyDigitalJobs to uncover the most advertised digital jobs from this year.


10. CRM Executive

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Executive know their customer’s needs and know what problems consumers may face and how to improve the customer’s experience. As CRM Executive, you will be responsible for planning and delivering CRM strategies across the organisation with a view to retaining existing customers, increasing brand loyalty, and expanding the company brand.

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9. SEO Manager

An SEO Manager must consider all aspects of a visitor’s search, providing strategies to help visitors find your website and converting the visitor into a customer. As an SEO Manager, you will oversee the research of SEO, optimising the company's website, social media pages, and other content efforts alongside the digital marketing team.

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8. Campaign Manager

A Campaign Manager creates and implements marketing campaigns or events.  As a Campaign Manager, you will be responsible for hiring and briefing external agencies and freelancers, monitoring and assessing campaigns and measuring the ROI of campaigns.

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7. Front End Developers

A Front End Developer will determine the structure and design of web pages. As a Front end Developer, you would be responsible for ensuring the alignment of web design and user experience requirements, optimizing web pages and maintaining brand consistency across the website.

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6. Web Developer

A Web Developer designs and builds websites. As a Web Developer, you would be responsible for the appearance of the site and all technical aspects including site speed and traffic capacity. You may work alongside other developers to create, maintain, and update your company’s website.

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5. CRM Manager

A CRM Manager (Customer Relationship Manager) is responsible for customer’s needs, working with customer service, marketing staff and operations to maintain a customer-focused attitude. As CRM Manager you would be responsible for the creation, execution, and analysis of customer retention campaigns.

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4. Social Media Manager

A Social Media Manager is responsible for the companies' public social media accounts. As Social Media Manager you would use these channels to interact with customers and/or clients, overseeing customer service across these platforms. You will drive sales through advertising campaigns and drive engagement through content.

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3. Software Developer

Some Software Developers build and maintain systems that run devices and networks whereas others develop applications. As a Software Developer, you will build and modify software to fix errors, adapting it for new hardware, improving its performance, or upgrading interfaces. You will also work with customers or departments on technical issues including software system design and maintenance.

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2. Digital Marketing Executive

A Digital Marketing Executive will coordinate digital marketing campaigns. As Digital Marketing Executive you will be responsible for tracking campaign progress, developing various digital marketing materials, updating online assets, creating online content, driving brand awareness, and handling general digital marketing activities.

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1. Digital Marketing Manager

A Digital Marketing Manager will plan and manage digital marketing campaigns to promote your brand, products, and/or services. As Digital Marketing Manager you will be responsible for all aspects of marketing operations, including planning, implementing, and monitoring digital marketing campaigns across all digital networks.

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