The Top 5 Most Popular Countries For British Expats

Written by: Laura Chetcuti
Published on: 31 Aug 2016

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We know that if you’re considering moving abroad for work, you’re probably looking for a clean break, new beginnings and hopefully a brand new, cultural experience. However, sometimes, especially if you’re moving on your own, it’s nice to know that a place caters well for the British expats, particularly in the way of having a decent British population. It's almost a bit of a buffer right? A touch of security when entering into the unknown. Nothing like a few home comforts here and there. So where are British expats flocking to?


1. Australia – 1,277,474 expats

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This one is hardly surprising! I think most of us can safely say that we know at least one person who has done a decent stint in Australia at some point. With its 21,000 metres of coastline, HOT summers and the Aussie love of booze…it’s a fairly easy transition for a Brit isn’t it? The only downside to Australia in my opinion, is the distance. However, the distance doesn’t stop 1.2 million expats from indulging in life down under so it can’t be that bad.


2. United States of America - 758,919 expats

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Another English-speaking country, the US comes in second as the most popular destination for British expats. I, myself, spent a short time working in New York and being a Brit in the States is great fun! Everyone loves your accent for a start so you'll always make friends, the food is great (and not all that unhealthy, despite the misconceptions) and everyone just appears to be so optimistic and happy. It's a nice contrast to say the least.


3. Canada – 674,371 expats

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Canada is best known for its wonderful seasons and provides expats with the perfect mix of sun and snow. Skiing in the winter, beaches and lakes in the summer, what more could you want? Due to their strong economy, they are able accept more immigrants from around the world than any other western nation and for Brits, the process is remarkably straightforward in comparison to other visa processes.


4. Spain – 381,025 expats

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The first country on the list where English is not a primary language – ESPAGNA. Spain has been popular with expats for years and is a particular haven for the retired. Pros of moving to Spain for work as a British expat? It’s a mere 2 hours flight from the UK, the weather is pretty amazing all year round and depending on where you live, you can find many British home comforts so you’ll never miss home that much.


5. New Zealand – 313,850 expats

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Said to be a remarkably relaxing country with a simple, peaceful way of life, New Zealand comes in at number 5. It's rich with stunning landscapes, heaps of excursions and they drive on the left side of the road so no confusion behind the wheel - winner winner!

So these are the Top 5! If you’re considering a role abroad, you might want to think about these popular destinations, as well as the following, who all look after over 70,000 British expats:

  • South Africa
  • Ireland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Channel Islands
  • Italy

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