The Sneaky Rascals: LinkedIn Ignores its Members. Again.

Written by: Jane Sherwood
Published on: 23 Sep 2011

sneakyToday I received a warning email about the change to LinkedIn privacy settings, and felt the need to share this before we are all flooded by spam emails.

LinkedIn have changed our ‘default’ security settings to allow third-party advertising, which includes allowing LinkedIn to use profile information, names and photos.  What?!

If you’re like us you probably wont want these and I can imagine you’re already rushing toward you’re LinkedIn profile to make sure that these settings have been turned OFF.

But don’t worry, like the Ant Hill Mob, we’re here to save you the hassle of finding those pesky hidden preferences, so here are the links to save yourself from those spammers!

The links you need:

Manage social advertising:
Manage enhanced advertising:
Data sharing with third party applications:
Partner InMail:

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