The Recruitment Leaders' Podcast

Recruitment Leaders Podcast

Recruiters, Recruitment Marketers and Recruitment leaders! You have so much to do and so little time, and yet more content to read / listen to / watch. Your emails are beyond full… in-tray on your desk is under a pile of unopened “junk”. The government is drowning you in IR35 / GDPR / National Insurance (or NOT!) changes… and in the middle of all of this, you need to: 

  • Not only choose the best recruitment software and CRM for your business, but get your lovely recruiters to use it! 
  • Get your website and marketing delivering leads not just clicks and likes! 
  •  Attract, engage and recruit recruiters (not just churn them) 
  • Attract great contractors (care for them) and constantly make a profit from them 
  • Turn candidates into clients 
  • And take advantage of the current buoyant recruitment sector… growth / fees / turnover / profit… 
  • And smile… 

So, you take a little time out to drive, run, cook, think… and this podcast is just for you. 
As a recruitment leader you’re:

  • Time starved 
  • Wanting the bus to stop 
  • Never planned to be this busy or involved in your recruitment business 
  • Want / need great ideas / advice 
  • Would love some time on the business rather than just in it. 

We have been building a beautiful catalogue of podcasts for recruitment leader and recruitment techies and recruitment marketers: The Recruitment Leaders' Podcast


No excuses – you may have an Android or iPhone – you can subscribe via either. James Osborne, James Taylor, Alex Moyle, Wendy McDougall and many more recruitment leaders have donated their time to talk to Wayne and I to talk about topics which are key to your recruitment business’ growth. Take a few mins, subscribe and listen – lightbulbs will turn on and there’s gold in those podcasts!