The Art Of Agility In Corporate Leadership

Written by: Simon Lewis
Published on: 7 Aug 2015

It has become evident that the way consumers prefer to interact with products and services is changing faster than corporate leadership can keep up with. Businesses are failing to shape their strategy fast enough to meet advances like the internet of things and therefore lose relevance, customer engagement and ultimately market share and profit.

This can’t continue. 

To remain successful companies must become agile and look to the lean start-up as an organisational model to follow. Digital must not be viewed as separate from ‘customer experience’ but part of a seamless omnichannel approach which has the ardent support of every single employee.

In February 2015 specialist marketing recruitment consultancy EMR partnered with the Knowledge Engineers to host a roundtable discussion to tackle these issues by bringing together marketing and digital leaders from a range of enterprises. The discussion centered on the role of leadership, empowering employees with relevant skills and the art of agility.

Niall McKinney, CEO and Founder of the Knowledge Engineers: “We need to have an innovative culture – not just innovations. In our research, 81% found it hard to keep up with new developments.”

Discover more key findings from this discussion and see why the Art of Agility is so important.