The 2015 Rugby World Cup #WearTheRose

Written by: Laura Chetcuti
Published on: 18 Sep 2015

Rugby World Cup 2015

The Rugby World Cup 2015 starts TODAY! Here at OMJ Towers, the sweepstake has been drawn and there is a real aura of excitement in air. There is just no mistaking the buzz surrounding this year’s Rugby World Cup. More so, for that fact that it is based in England. 

As I scoured the internet for Rugby related content, I stumbled across this video by O2, and I am still reeling from the chills it sent soaring up my spine when I first saw it. The video advertisement is depicting the strength and rise of the England Rugby team, as a direct result of their fan’s dedication, both young and old. The animation aspect of the advert takes many of us back to our childhoods. Particularly pre-millennium children, where animated cartoon films and programmes, formed one of our main sources of televised entertainment - a further tug to the nation’s heartstrings I’m sure. The video is based around a wider campaign that O2 are currently running on the power of support.  

#WearTheRose - Make Them Giants

If anyone hasn’t seen this delightful spot of advertising by O2, here it is: 

If you aren’t an England supporter, I wouldn’t be surprised, nor would I blame you, if this video doesn’t at least induce sentiment/make you convert forever! (Slight exaggeration but you never know!).

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