Tesco's Best Social Media Moments

Written by: Laura Chetcuti
Published on: 7 Aug 2015

Tesco Social Workshop

Whoever is behind the Tesco Twitter account is a total legend in our books. When you think about Tesco, ‘banter’ isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.

You think shop. BIG shop. Then you think of that strange, cold vegetable smell that you get when you first walk into a supermarket. Then you think of those moments when pensioners innocently run over your feet during traffic jams outside the cream cake counter. Then you might think of the cookies. Ahhh the cookies. Tesco do the best cookies (Tesco Finest only!). You might think of all these things, but you don’t typically think ‘funny’.

Tesco have produced some of the best tweets we have seen compared to the other top retailers, I mean, they even made Andy Murray funny!? A lifetime achievement of scandalous proportions in itself. We thought we would share some of our favourites for your viewing pleasure:

1) The Bacon Fiasco.

tesco bacon

Ben had an absolute disaster when he found out he was one rasher short of bacon. His Facebook story/rant quickly went viral but Tesco's response was priceless and a great example of their social media. Read more on the Metro.

2) The party all the brands wanted in on.

tesco brand party
What started with a simple tweet to @TescoMobile turned into one of the best twitter conversations to date, with brands including Yorkshire Tea, Cadbury and Jaffa Cakes. Read the full conversation on Buzzfeed.

3) #NoJoke

tesco turn off

Even when Tesco isn't directly tweeted they'll still pick up on it. Read the full story on Spreading Jam.

4) The Wrap Battle

Tesco wrap battle
When it came out that Drake didn't write his own raps Tesco managed to become the star of the conversation. Read the full story on Cosmopoliton.

5) Looooooool!

Tesco Looool

When it comes to banter they'll give back as good as they get. Read more on Giraffe Social Media.

6) The Rap Battle with O2

Tesco rap battle

O2 tried to take on Tesco Mobile in this famous rap battle and it's safe to say Tesco had the last laugh. Read more on The Drum.

7) The One Where They Made Murray Funny

Andy Murray
If you think you have what it takes to join Tesco's marketing team, see the career opportunities they have available.