Targeted Job: The New A.I. Solution To Advertising

Published on: 31 Jul 2018

Targeted Job

We are excited to be launching Targeted Job, a brand-new, data-powered product, that is available via our eCommerce site. We have seen conversion rates of up to 30% for users applying for jobs when viewed through the Targeted Job widget.


Okay, what does it do?

If you choose to upgrade your listing to include Targeted Job, the role will be served to highly relevant and engaged jobseekers as a 'Recommended Job'. The role will be presented to jobseekers who are already participating in the job seeking application flow for a similar position, effectively redirecting them to your role. Your job advert will appear on the job detail page of other jobs, the application confirmation page and a brand-new display ad placement when the jobseeker returns to the site after an external redirect. 


I'm listening... How does it work?

The Targeted Job matching uses sophisticated A.I. - more than just job title matching, we use our data and your job search criteria to display the roles to your ideal candidate in a timely fashion. Using Machine Learning models, we compare every live job being advertised to each other and calculate a weighting as to whether the job is similar or not. This is based on natural language programming, analysing the unstructured text data to assess the skills, roles and requirements used in the job description and the job title, as well as the location and salary information. The model is continuously improved through user feedback. Users are asked to confirm if the job they’ve been shown is of interest – if not, they click onto the next Targeted Job. Through machine learning, the system adapts and responds to that feedback to ensure ongoing improvement.

Following extensive testing, only jobs of a certain weight are selected for ‘Recommendation’ and are then made available for display through a widget on the job detail page, application confirmation page or in a banner display following an external redirect application.


Where are the jobs displayed?

There are three key locations for the Targeted Job - the job detail page (displaying on jobs that match yours), the application confirmation page (capturing jobseekers who are applying to roles like yours) and external redirect pages (displaying to jobseekers even if they have been directed to an external URL to apply)

See examples of how these look when they display here:

Job Detail Application Confirmation External Redirect


How is this different to the 'Similar Job' function that we already benefit from on the site?

Where ‘Similar Jobs’ is based on exact keyword matching and job categorisation to match jobs, Targeted Job is powered by a sophisticated AI model which gives a far deeper understanding of each job and its relationship to other jobs. ‘Similar Jobs’ is a component of Job Board Enterprise that is designed to show jobseekers other jobs within the same categorisation following a fixed algorithm. It is designed to enable the jobseeker to find other job opportunities that they may not have seen or found using traditional search and is only visible on the job detail page. It is optimised to aid SEO by allowing search engines to follow related links to ensure they see related content across the board.

Targeted Job is designed to maximise the opportunity for a recruiter to have their job advertisement displayed to an already engaged jobseeker based on Machine Learning. Where Similar Jobs matches jobs based on categorisation and exact keywords, Targeted Job goes deeper and interrogates the unstructured text data of the whole job advertisement, resulting in a far closer match and increased relevance.


Does it work across all of the 'Only' Job Boards?

Absolutely! This upgrade is available across Only Marketing Jobs, Only Agency-Side Jobs, Only Digital Jobs and PM Forum Jobs. We work alongside you to ensure that you are able to make the most out of every aspect of your listings with us. When you purchase a listing on any of our platforms, it is shared across any other relevant site within our network, so you only need to purchase one listing to receive the benefits of all four!


How do I get involved?!

This is an upgrade product, so you will be able to add it on to any of your existing listings with us. You can either login to view your existing advertising, or look at our packages to establish what is right for you! Alternatively, get in touch with the team to discuss further.