South west marketing professionals flocking home

Written by: Simon Lewis
Published on: 15 Jun 2012

Stats show migration of digital, marketing and media people

Thanks to south west marketing & communications recruitment specialists, Ad Lib, for sharing this bit of brightness..

As believers in the power of positive thinking at Ad Lib, we’ve been noticing 625x350various phenomena which have encouraged us that things are getting better out there, whatever anyone else says, and none more so than the re-emergence of the migration westwards of talented marketing, digital and media people.  Mostly they’re returning to their home turf or at least to the place where they attended University.  And they are coming in numbers again – it’s just like in 2007.

They may have left the region to explore new life and work experiences outside of their home stomping ground.  Exposure to emerging industry trends, niche networking events, research enthusiasts and boutique specialist agencies (to name a few) all act as drivers in increasing knowledge and passion for their chosen sectors.

Their return is for equally positive reasons: a better of quality life (work and non-work); a serious reduction in the time and energy expended in commuting; a thriving digital, marketing and media community and all with some seriously talented people in a region with the lowest unemployment rate in the country (6.1% – ONS Apr 2012); and who wouldn’t want to be closer to the beach and wild open spaces with air outside your house you can breathe.

What does this all add up to?

True, we do still lose many in the 21-25 age group leaving to find their fortunes, but there’s a net influx once you reach the age of 30. (ONS statistics 2009, 2010). So you’ll find Bristol punching well above its weight against cities such as Birmingham and Manchester in the creative, marketing and media sector.

Essentially it provides the kind of workforce most companies are desperately seeking: forward-thinking, experienced, and motivated in a sustainable way. Perhaps we’ll soon be reporting the relocation of more businesses westwards out of London as well?  Watch this space!