Recruitment Training, Culture And KPIs: With Lander Consultancy's Fiona Lander

Written by: Barclay Jones
Published on: 3 Mar 2017


I’m delighted to be speaking with the extremely knowledgeable and respected Fiona Lander from Lander Consultancy. She’s celebrating her 20th business anniversary in 2017 (congrats!)

As providers of world class, international recruitment training and development, Lander Consultancy works with recruitment teams to make them competitive. Fiona and her team works with forward thinking, growing recruitment companies, providing a holistic approach to upskilling the entire workforce from trainee recruiter to Managing Director.

Who is this Recruitment Leaders Podcast for?

You’ll get value from this podcast if you run a recruitment business, manage a recruitment team, are part of a recruitment training team.

What did we discuss?

  • When is training important?
  • How do you prioritise training?
  • How do you train “high-churn” staff – ie: how do you get ROI from training people who won’t be with you for long?
  • Are you training your staff to leave your recruitment business or training them to stay and be profitable?
  • Where do the middle managers fit into the training cycle?
  • What is the 10-20-70 rule ad why is it critical that recruitment leaders understand this rule?
  • What do we do with big billers who are making money but not performing to your culture?
  • What does Fiona her team think that you need to stop doing in 2017?
  • When should performance management kick in?
  • Which core skills do recruiters need to develop in 2017?

I could have spoken all day with Fiona – she is so experienced in recruitment training – we share the same values, passion and ideas for recruiter success – thanks Fiona.

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