Poor Grammar Will Ruin Your Career

Written by: Simon Lewis
Published on: 17 Jan 2013

Two-thirds of employers won’t progress illiterate applications

illiterateMany jobseekers are not being considered for interviews because they fail to correct grammar and spelling mistakes on their CV applications, a recent poll has found.

Tanya Brown, a consultant with recruitment agency Nicoll Curtin, asked employers: “What is the biggest turn off for you to see on a candidate’s CV?”

Of the 550 votes, a massive 65% pointed to poor grammar or spelling mistakes being the biggest bug-bear when reviewing a candidate’s CV. And rightly so. Those green and red lines on the page are trying to tell you something!!

Intriguingly, only 3% of voters found career gaps to be the biggest turn-off, perhaps indicating, given the current employment challenges, a greater level of tolerance with regards to job instability.

Here are the poll results:

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