Only Marketing Jobs Tops Social Media Rankings

Written by: Simon Lewis
Published on: 23 Aug 2011

Digital recruitment media company, R21 Media, 625x350has ranked us top of its job board social media chart for influence across Twitter and Facebook

Research into social media prevalence amongst marketing job boards produced results based on a number of measurements including: the amount of followers; the content of their feeds; and an independent Twitter analyser’s findings.

In its write-up, R21 Media said that out of all the marketing job boards they looked at their “particular favourites were Only Marketing Jobs who have expertly identified the fine balance between advertising vacancies, networking and discussing ideas and news”. Over here at OMJ we are very proud to have achieved such a glowing review, and eagerly anticipated each part of the rankings to discover our place. Whilst on tenterhooks we read the rankings on Twitter and were thrilled to discover our 1st place ranking.

In its research R21 Media discovered that many marketing job boards have a Twitter page, with 72% of all boards having their own Twitter feed.  On our Twitter feed R21 commented that OMJ “have also put their own twist on the design of their Twitter feed and likewise have a frequently updated, fun and informative feed”.

Then onto Facebook:


Space RaidersWe were whooping with joy when our Facebook page gained another apex ranking, with a score of 2170.  R21 Media commented that this was “rightly deserved” as they explained how our high mark was obtained: “[Only Marketing Jobs] use their wall to advertise select vacancies, share photos and posts about events they have organised/attended and also share posts on debates they are having, including Monster Munch Vs Space Raiders”

The results concluded with an overall ranking of all the marketing job boards, stating OMJ as the top.  You can see the full review here:

So as we raise our computers like Oscars and begin to thank all of our families, we wanted to share our joyous news and thank you for engaging with us.

Now, I must stop blubbering like Halle Berry…

(Let us know below whether you prefer Monster Munch or Space Raiders)

Jane Sherwood | Marketing Coordinator | Only Marketing Jobs