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Written by: Edd Rennolls
Published on: 8 Jan 2014

CompassGuest post by freelance writer, Edd Rennolls Edd enjoys spending his free time writing about job hunting and career tips on various blogs.  He also suggests using job search engines, like to find the job you want.

When it comes to your career, you’ve likely dreamed of where you hope to be in five, ten or even twenty years.  For most people, this means working hard, hoping their efforts are noticed, and waiting for the results and advancements to pour in.  Sadly, this reactive approach to the future is what keeps most people from realising their dreams.

If you want to get ahead, and accomplish the goals you dream of, taking a proactive approach and investing in your career is the fastest and most effective way to make them a reality.

Map out your career plan

Quite possible the most important thing that you can do for yourself and your career, mapping out a career plan is like establishing a road map that will get you from where you are today to where you hope to be in the future.  Your career plan should specify the steps you need to take, as well as a timeframe for accomplishing those plans.  Having something solid, in writing, makes it easier to hold yourself accountable and ensure you’re achieving the milestone that you want.

Get qualified

In nearly every profession there are various groups and organizations which offer certifications that make you stand out from your competition.  For people in marketing, the Cambridge Marketing College offers a huge range of training and qualifications to help you get ahead in the industry.  Marketing qualifications include the CIM, CAM, CIPR and the CIM Digital Marketing Diploma.

Become known in your community

If you’re on the hunt for a more desirable position locally, make yourself known in the community.  This can be achieved through a variety of means, including intense networking, volunteering for charities and civic organizations, and providing “expert” insight to local media agencies.  If you work over the internet, develop a positive reputation through being active on websites and blogs where others in your industry congregate.

Keep your options open

Always be on the hunt for a better job. From keeping an eye on openings on LinkedIn, to searching through job sites like, being ready to jump on an opportunity when it presents itself is key to moving up the career ladder. Waiting for advancement at your current job, rather than proactively searching for something more fulfilling, will put you on the slow track to career satisfaction.

Dare to be different

Make yourself stand out from your competition.  Anything you do to make yourself different, in a positive way, helps keep you fresh in the memory of hiring managers and decision makers.  Whether it is a unique certification that few others have, or simply expressing your opinions which vary from the crowd’s, being different sets you apart from your competition in the job market.  Few people who go along with the pack are remembered, but those who jet out ahead are often never forgotten.



By having a plan and holding yourself accountable for the processes you need to complete to reach the finish line, you are already miles ahead of most others out there in the employment market.  Investing in your own career is crucial to your success – relying on others or circumstance will rarely produce results.  By standing out and becoming a respected authority in your field, the sky is the limit to your future opportunities.

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