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Published on: 27 Feb 2018

More from morgs- on Routine

My sugar intake this month has been high. With World Nutella Day and Pancake Day a week apart, I have consumed a lot of chocolate, but I don’t regret it. You can’t eat vegetables all day every day, only my neighbours hamster is that boring. Everyone is human and gets tired of routine, whether this be in your diet, your lifestyle, or your job, so it’s important to do something different to remain motivated and happy.

Whether you love structure or hate it, it’s needed. Would you get anything done at work if you didn’t plan what needed to be achieved and when? The monotony forms when you start to do the same things at the same time each day and allow little flexibility into your schedule. In your free time, be spontaneous and don’t continue the habits, you’ll feel freer and happy.


In work there are more barriers to change, and you can often get stuck in a rut, but the simplest adjustments can make a huge difference. By encouraging your brain to think more creatively, it will pay attention to what you are doing, you’ll learn more and most importantly you will change regular behaviour and identify better ways to work. Some mandatory parts of a role can be tedious tasks but, approaching them in a new way will make the same everyday activities more fun. Even taking lunch at different times and if you have flexi-hours, use them to do more with your mornings or evenings. Break away from the strict routine and inject some colour into the working day.

If you still feel like you are going around in circles, maybe you need a new challenge. If you aren’t stimulated, move departments, seek out a promotion to take on more responsibility or opt for a complete transformation and a fresh start in a new job.