More about Morgs - On Relocation

Published on: 7 Nov 2017

More about morgs- on Relocation

If you read my last post, you’ll know I moved to London just over a year ago. I enjoy the perks, both at work and at home that the city brings to my lifestyle. You can have your pick of the bunch with jobs in London, but this city isn’t for everyone. More and more people are seeking an escape to the country, want to live by the sea or both! This week I (Melissa) explored life outside of the big city to see what the UK can offer those looking for a new role and a change of scenery.

Personally, I am thriving off the buzz of the city and I'm never running out of new things to do (despite the BIG dent in my bank balance). However, like a lot of people I know uprooting to new places, I often think about the future. Will I get bored of this lifestyle and need a change?

Like myself, moving to London to seek out a different way of life, my mum’s family did the same. Over 25 years ago, my grandparents retired to Cornwall and a few years later all my mum’s brothers and her sister followed suit, opting to raise their families in the surrounding towns. Although very different in lifestyle outcomes, I see the value of relocating to this beautiful place.

I spent lots of my summers in Cornwall and appreciate the calming Cornish way of life. If you have ever fancied upping sticks and moving to Cornwall, it offers countryside living within reaching distance from the sea, a relaxed atmosphere and some say, ‘a better quality of life’. Companies like Pirate FM provide opportunities to work from home. With travel time reduced, family time is increased and a better work-life-balance achieved. Sometimes relocation packages are on offer, which makes moving to and working in the South West more achievable. Also, I must not forget, if we are comparing it to London it is an affordable place to live!

Cornwall is most famous for the Cornish pasty and being a foodie, I cannot forget to mention the Cornish cream teas and best fish and chips shops around (I have many recommendations). It is also home to one of Britain’s best hidden beaches, as voted by The Telegraph. Chapel Porth Beach, is picturesque and peaceful and just a small drive away from towns like Redruth, which have good transport links and shopping.

St Ives Image

Personally, Newquay was a favourite place of mine to visit growing up. A great spot come rain or shine, it was perfect to take the dog for a run by the sea. Another great small Cornish town known for its surf beaches is St Ives. Unfortunately, my surfing skills are still a work in progress and I couldn’t quite master the balancing aspect, but it’s a great year-round activity. Some companies in nearby locations even offer a free surf board when joining, this would be great for people who are keen on their water sports or beginners like me.

These are just a few reasons I think Cornwall is worth considering moving to, but if it isn’t for you visit OnlyMarketingJobs for all the latest job vacancies around the UK.