More about Morgs- On My 1 Year Anniversary

Published on: 29 Jun 2018

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June 2018 ended my first year at OnlyMarketingJobs. As if a whole year has passed! When starting a new job, it takes me a while to come out of my shell and build trust in others, but I've since made some great friendships here and feeling very settled. My focus at the beginning was making a success of my role and once I found my feet I started to bond more with my team

I have learned a lot in a short space of time. Not just about understanding a new market and expanding my skill set, but about myself and the importance of being genuine. Successful new hires are made based on a cultural fit, as well as ability. Fitting into a team is not about blending in, it is about standing out. Be different, be you. The reason a team functions well is because everyone brings a different skill and the right personalities create the right team dynamic.  


For me to enjoy office life I need to get on with those I work with. I have made some great work friends and enjoy getting involved in the office banter, despite my scouse accent being the butt of all jokes. It's important to feel comfortable in your surroundings, but to remain motivated and have longevity within a company I need to be challenged. This goes beyond targets and goals, I need to be provided with opportunities to expand my skills and progress.

One year in and I’m still finding it easy to get up and come into work of a morning, which is good sign, but I am keen to lead the various projects we have in motion. I want to contribute to different aspects of the jobseeker journey. My role heavily focuses on Resourcing & Account Management as well as regular administrative duties, but Creative & Digital are areas I want to get more involved in. I love resourcing, but I have been pushing out engaging content on our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and keen to do more on Social to attract the right people to roles.