‘Marketing Within The Technology Sector’- A Round Up

Published on: 2 Oct 2015

‘Marketing within the Technology Sector’- A Round Up

OnlyMarketingJobs.com recently sponsored this energetic, half-day conference for experienced marketing professionals, all of whom originated from a number of highly successful brands. With a record number of attendees, this breakfast has been one of the most rewarding we have sponsored to date, and we wanted to share a round-up with our marketing community, as well as link you to the superb presentations we had the pleasure of viewing on the day.

Edge Techno

Adrian Hardy - Head of Volume Marketing - BT Global Services – ‘Integrated marketing and the customer journey’

Adrian commenced the morning’s presentations by discussing the importance of multi-channel marketing. Hailing from a large organisation, he offered his experiences on navigating sizeable, decision making business units and how to effectively use multiple channels in order to generate better win-rates.

3 Key Points:

  • 5 is in fact 25 potential new business contracts
  • If you can’t do it on paper first you WILL fail
  • Capitalise on peer to peer relationships. Nurturing these is key!

View Adrian’s presentation here.

Dan Hare - Head of Customer Services – Communigator – ‘Marketing Automation Simplified’

Dan spoke to us about the most effective way of building a marketing automation audience base. He touched on everything from the fundamentals of the written text used in marketing emails to the value of remarketing.

3 Key Points:

  • Newsletters targeted by job role have an 88% better click-through rate
  • Remarketing: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
  • People are more likely to respond to an email from a personal address than a generic one

View Dan’s presentation here.

Harold de Vries - Head of B2B Marketing - LG Electronics – ‘How to consider new technology within your marketing activities’

Harold gave us a comprehensive insight into the world of digital signage and the benefits it has brought to some of LG’s biggest customers. We also got a sneak preview into the imminent future of digital signage which looks extremely exciting!

3 Key Points:

  • Consider internal and external factors for digital signage
  • Select the right screen for every location
  • Use digital signage to encourage customer interaction and use it to your brand’s best advantage

View Harold’s presentation here.

Jeremy Waite - Head of Digital Strategy EMEA – Salesforce – ‘Building a profitable relationship’

Jeremy gave an engaging presentation on developing and nurturing relationships. He explained the fundamentals on how to understand certain behaviours in order to implement your strategy. Here are his Top 4 slides!

Jeremy Slide 1

Jeremy Slide 2

Jeremy Slide 3

Jeremy Slide 4

3 Key Points:

  • 90% of today’s data didn’t exist 12 months ago
  • Disruptive brands such as Uber, Spotify and Tinder focus on the emotional experience of their customers first – do you?
  • What you stand for is more important than what you sell!

Email Jeremy here.

James Foulkes - Co-founder – Kingpin – ‘Using video as part of the B2B content mix: Arcserve case study’

James rounded off the morning’s events with an insight into using video content in B2B marketing. He educated us on effective ways of looking at content aggregation and video content and how to really harness this as a tool.

3 Key Points:

  • 91% of B2B tech buyers watch video at some point during the purchasing process
  • 65% of executives visit marketers website after viewing a video
  • 75% of executives watch business related videos online every week

View James’s presentation here.

Another fantastic event from On The Edge Digital! If you haven't been to one yourselves, check out their upcoming events and get signed up.