'Marketing Within The Not-For-Profit-Sector' - Event Notes

Written by: Laura Chetcuti
Published on: 13 Oct 2015

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It has been another week, and another event that OnlyMarketingJobs.com has proudly sponsored! This time, OnTheEdgeLive delivered a half-day conference to an overwhelming turn out of charity and not-for-profit sector marketers. 

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Laura Scarlett Loyalty Programme Director & Director of Data & Analytics, National Trust

Laura delivered her insightful presentation on the benefits of spending your budget and effort on data management. She detailed how the National Trust have completely revolutionised the way that they manage their data and discussed in detail, the 2 year project which saw them overhaul their data systems, sharing the challenges and successes experienced.

Laura’s 4 Steps to Overhauling Your Data Management System:

  1. Get commitment & senior level buy-in before you do anything
  2. Gather all supporter data
  3. Use this data for communications, intelligence and organisation change
  4. Implement that change

View Laura’s full presentation here.

Lindsay Herbert Global Head of Digital, Precedent

Lindsay spoke to us from Precedent, a top 20 UK digital agency and focused in particular on the digital transformation of The British Heart Foundation's website. She spoke about the stages of digital transformation and led us on a journey into how the British Heart Foundation experienced a 277% increase in online donations as a result!

Lindsay’s 3 Stages of Transformation:

  1. Surface: Superficial change to test the case for bigger transformation
  2. Audience: Transform the audience experience within internal constraints
  3. Internal: Transform internal operations to match the audience experience

View Lindsay’s full presentation here.

Chris Pook Senior eCRM Manager at Marie Curie UK

Chris delivered an education on automation, targeting and personalisation and details the pitfalls that the NFP sector faces. He gave much food for thought in terms of who NFP/charity businesses should be targeting and how to personalise the customer experience in best practice. 

3 Considerations for NFPs:

  1. Be clear on your strategy
  2. 2.Consider the importance of data
  3. Think about the operating model

View Chris’ full presentation here.

Andy Williams Digital Marketing Consultant on behalf of Guide Dogs UK

Andy Williams is no less than a digital marketing MASTER. He delved into the sometimes daunting world of SEO, providing us with some of the best tips to improve rankings and optimise our web pages to perform to the best of their ability.

Andy’s Top Takeaways:

  1. There are now more mobile searches than desktop. You MUST be mobile friendly
  2. Your site needs to be fast. Google and your site visitors demand and expect it
  3. All on-page SEO campaigns should start with keyword research

View Andy’s full presentation here.

 Tim Harrison Director, Tracking Research, nfpSynergy

Tim was our final speaker of the morning and spoke about future-proofing marketing! He offered a myriad of ideas and advice on how to identify specific strategies to take your marketing into the future and how, most importantly, to keep it cost effective.

Tim’s 3 Top Facts:

  1. 60% would be more likely to donate money to charity if they could track exactly where their money was being spent
  2. 2.82% feel negatively towards any organisation that sends them badly targeted marketing communications
  3. 50% of the general public who recalled having seen media coverage about charity fundraising said it worsened their view of charities

View Tim’s full presentation here.

We were proud to partner with OnTheEdgeLive in this event. The charity and not-for-profit sectors have a real presence on our website, and it was a privilege to gain a better understanding of the marketing challenges and successes within these sectors. If you are looking for a new job in the charity/NFP sector, feel free to have a browse. You might find your perfect role!