Marketing Within The Legal Sector

Written by: Laura Chetcuti
Published on: 27 Oct 2015

Legal Marketing

We are extremely upset that we have just attended our last On The Edge Digital conference of the year, but what an event this one was! ‘Marketing Within The Legal Sector’ was actually the most successful event we have attended all year, with record sign-ups and a lucrative line-up of legal marketing speakers! In true fashion, we bring you the top tips of the day and each speaker presentation. 


Kent Valentine, Director, Draw

‘Digital Strategy from 0 to 1 : A decision-making framework for the legal sector’

Kent delivered a compelling presentation which gave us a fantastic insight into what digital strategy is and how to create it! Click below to view Kent’s presentation:

Kent Valentine Slide 1

Kent’s vital tick list for your digital marketing strategy within legal:

  • Vision
  • Objectives  
  • Measures
  • Audiences
  • Actions
  • Needs 
  • Content
  • Success 
  • Functionality


Nick Andrews, Global InterAction and Digital Marketing Manager, Hogan Lovells

‘Digital Mindset’

Nick, who as well as his role with Hogan Lovells, runs the seriously mouth-watering burger blog, Hamburger Me, spoke to us about digital transformation and how to gain quick wins in channel marketing. Click below to view Nick’s presentation:

Nick Andrews Slide 1

Nicks top 10 tips:

  • Change is easier if you push an open door 
  • Have a vision for what, and a strategy and tactics to get there
  • Make it evidence-based 
  • Rally around people or groups who are doing it well 
  • Spot skills gaps and bridge or fill them 
  • Avoid jargon 
  • Constantly strive to remove process steps 
  • If you’re not multi-channel you’re not optimising your content 
  • Don’t let shiny new toys distract you 
  • Socialise your ideas


Helen Burness, Head of Business Development & Marketing, Halebury

‘The Digital Experience and the Human Experience’

Helen gave us the low down on digital experience and how you can work with absolutely nothing and create something. She drew inspiration from her role at Halebury and provided us with plenty of top tips and awesome statistics. Click below to view Helen’s presentation:

Helen Burness Slide 1

Helen’s top takeaways:

  • Do not underestimate the power of LinkedIn. Lawyers use this platform far more than they use all other social networks combined.
  • Be a conversationalist and learn how to make your personality stand out.
  • Be authentic and connect with people on an emotional level. Write about things that you are truly passionate about and never try to be something you’re not.
  • Be relevant. Random doesn’t work, especially within the legal sector. Being relevant can mean the difference between being remembered and being forgotten.


Simon Moss, Head of Marketing, CommuniGator

'Marketing Automation Simplified’

Simon rounded off the morning with his presentation on how to build the most effective marketing automation audience base and how to choose the right type of campaign for your business. Click below to view Simon’s presentation:

Communigator Slide 1

Simon’s 3 Key Points:

  • If you target your newsletters by job title, you can expect an 88% better click-through rate.
  • Remarketing: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
  • People are more likely to respond to an email from a personal address than a generic one

Thank you again to all of the brilliant speakers for giving us such a thorough education on Digital Marketing within the Legal sector! 

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