Marketing Recruitment Review & Salary Survey 2015

Published on: 28 Aug 2015

The past twelve months has witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of marketing vacancies, emphasising the need for a strong marketing team as a staple for business growth. It is something that Brand Recruitment predicted last year, and we are now regularly seeing increases in headcount within marketing teams in order to keep up with new business, as well as an increased workload from existing projects or campaigns.

As the competition for the best talent continues to increase, companies will have little choice but to speed up the hiring process to land candidates who are in high demand. It is now the norm for in-house recruitment teams to use a multi-channel approach as they look for new ways to engage with candidates, which means social media usage has now become a mainstay; yet often there are advantages to engaging a thirty-party recruitment agency with in-depth knowledge of the candidate landscape, as well as the ability to carry out a proactive search.

Overall this past year salaries have increased for most positions in marketing, due mainly to companies making an effort to retain their most valued employees as well as trying to attract new staff. This is something that employers should be expected to adapt to within the coming months – the stagnating salaries of recent times are now a thing of the past.

Due to ever-growing demand within the digital arena, this side of marketing is now actually outspending traditional marketing at many companies, particularly the big multinationals, many of whom are allocating more than 50% of their overall marketing spend to digital. That said, more companies are looking to fill broader digital roles rather than fewer specialist roles dealing with SEO and PPC that we were engaged to recruit for regularly last year.

In this year’s Marketing Recruitment Review we have included new sections focusing on what candidates, as well as employers, can expect from the recruitment process to give better insight on how to make the most of it.

Click on the Brand Recruitment Marketing Recruitment Review and Salary Survey 2015 image below to see the full survey results, including results and advice on: CVs; interviews; final stages and counter-offers; the recruitment process; why employers lose out; talent attraction and retention; salary surveys; and testimonials.


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