Marketing Data & Analytics Salary Guide 2013

Published on: 11 Jun 2013

What are you worth?

Marketing Data & Analytics Salary Guide 2013Undertaken and produced by leading data and analytics recruitment agency, Harnham, we are pleased to share the much-anticipated definitive guide to the latest salary, summary of market trends and predictions within data and analytics in the UK.

Overall the report points to a positive outlook and a buoyant market.  There was huge skill demand in the last few months of 2012, which has continued into 2013.  There is a clear trend towards more candidates exploring new opportunities but this increased interest still does not meet the high volume of vacancies, meaning 2013 is a very candidate-driven market.  Which when it comes to increasing salaries, is pretty good news!!

For more insights and to find out what the data and analytics industry looks like for you, open Harnham’s Data & Analytics Salary Guide via the image below: