Marketing Career Success Abroad?

Written by: Sandra Malone
Published on: 26 Aug 2011

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Guest post by Sandra Malone, Marketing Director, Marketing Moves Plc

The conventional approach to recruiting globally is now well and truly a by product of a previous era. The recession has forced many companies to review its approach to global markets, cutting back on assignments abroad or using shorter interim roles and therefore not incurring the costs of a permanent placement overseas.

But for most employees, this approach can mean a barrier to career progression.

In the world of global talent we found that the vast majority of employees work their entire career in their home country. Some managers are sent abroad for between 3-5 years and an even smaller group of employees are truly global never returning to their country of origin except for visits. Moving abroad for your company is much more prevalent in Europe and the USA, than it is for people in the Asia Pacific or Africa regions who culturally have stronger ties to families and to their companies.

Many assignments fail because of family adaptation issues or assignment ‘disconnects’ e.g. the assignment turns out to be not exactly as advertised. Other common causes of failure are the inability to adapt to a different culture and the lack of communication skills and this applies between countries who share the English language – the US and the UK!( ‘Two great countries divided by a single language’ said George Bernard Shaw.)

How does a company recruit well globally?

Talking to Marketing Moves’ Melvin Day who recently returned from the States on a recruiting mission, he said, “It’s all about matching the right people to the right role and you can only do that when you know candidates extremely well and when you know the culture of the company that you’re recruiting for. Where other recruiting companies go amiss is that they fill a vacancy without thinking through the implications of the personality and attributes of the candidate and if they will be a good match with the culture of the company.

In addition, Nathan Davies from Marketing Moves said: “When Mel and I were out in San Francisco at the RSA Conference 2011, we spoke to a huge number of companies and potential candidates to build up a profile of what it’s like to work in the States. As a result, we’ve been asked by clients to set up offices in California to help global companies with their recruitment. We’re known in the industry for our ability to make the ‘match’.”

If you’re a client that has a global vacancy that needs filling there or a candidate that would like to work abroad, contact Melvin Day or Nathan Davies at or

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