Less Than 10% Of Workers Care About Company Values

Written by: Simon Lewis
Published on: 19 Mar 2012

We’re a nation of mercenaries, new poll reveals

Ramborecent poll undertaken by participants of professional networking site, LinkedIn, has revealed that just 9% of workers care about company values.  The survey, answered by a cross-section of individuals within a range of industry sectors, enforces the notion that during times of economic challenges the UK workforce is out for itself.

The poll, initiated by internal recruiter and CSR coordinator, Amelia Moore from recruitment consultancy, Montreal Associates, asked what was the most important criteria they looked for in a job, aside from salary.  The results from 291 votes are below:


Demographics taken from the poll, where more than twice as many males as females responded, revealed:

  • 50% of respondents were aged between 18-29
  • One third of respondents were of ‘managerial’ level

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