KitKat Takes A Break...From GRAVITY!

Written by: Laura Chetcuti
Published on: 12 Oct 2015

KitKat in Space

You may or may not have come across this little slice of video gold, but if you haven't, we felt it was no less than our eternal duty to share this with you!

KitKat are no strangers to the world of entertaining advertisement and are ever creative with their cutting-edge video content. Whilst this video may be a few years old now, it hasn't had nearly as many views as it deserves and we thought that our marketing community would be highly appreciative of the astounding lengths that KitKat went to, in order to take one of their bars up in to space!

The idea was actually a clever bit of reactive marketing by KitKat's creative marketing agency, JWT London, in response to Felix Baumgartner's and the Red Bull Stratos team's attempt to break the world's free-falling record! Due to the weather, the stunt was put on hold for 2 days, in which time KitKat decided to fill a weather balloon with helium, attach a KitKat to a fairly flimsy looking wooden stick, hook up a Go Pro and release it into the clouds.

KitKat Weather Balloon

KitKat Weather Balloon 2

KitKat Weather Balloon 3#

Taking a break from work and chores is something that we do everyday. Taking a break from gravity, unfortunately doesn't tend to be such a tangible option. At OMJ we really enjoy a reactive marketing stunt and this has to be one of the most innovative ones we have seen! Check it out for yourself: 

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