Is The Boss Giving You Too Much Work?

Written by: Laura Chetcuti
Published on: 16 Sep 2016


Take it as a compliment! We know how difficult it can be to feel snowed under. The pressure of a continual barrage of work with seemingly no end in sight can be daunting. You may find yourself feeling unable to cope and wondering why you're being 'punished' with an abundance of new tasks, but perhaps there's no need for negativity after all!  

If your boss is giving you more work to do and involving you in 'extra curricular' projects, this can actually be a huge compliment and a testament to the work you do. 

In an article on the Business Insider, CEO of Ultra Mobile, David Glickman, who runs a business of 135, explains that by giving employees extra work and involving them projects is actually the bosses way of saying 'you're doing great'. It's also a token of their trust in you as an employee which is always an added bonus in the workplace. They wouldn't give you the work if they didn't think you could do it. 

In larger organisations in particular, involving employees in projects which experience departmental cross-over is a fantastic way for building an employee's case for promotion. The more business units and senior stakeholders an employee is exposed to, the more elevated their profile will become within the business. It's a real favour by your boss let's just put it that way. It's important to note that whilst your line manager sees your accomplishments from a first-hand point of view, they simply can't promote you without buy-in and agreement from the wider team and, in particular, senior management, so don't begrudge the extra work. 

Of course, you need to make sure you're not being totally abused for your labour. There is definitely a line to be crossed when it comes to this kind of thing so always keep those wits about you. Generally though, in a genuine business who really do put your best interests first, the extra workload will come from a good place. 

So what's your opinion?


If you have been buried beneath a mountain of work for a little too long with no signs of promotion or progression, have a chat with your boss. If they are simply giving you loads of work for no other reason than just to use you to their advantage, then make a change! Where do you start? HERE! Check out our latest marketing jobs and find a boss who appreciates your value and who will give you extra work for all the right reasons.