How To Take A LinkedIn Group To 36,000 Members

Published on: 8 Oct 2014

Case study on a networking group every UK marketer needs to join  

LinkedIn iconEver thought about starting a LinkedIn group?  You’re not alone.  In fact, there are 1.2 million LinkedIn groups today and competition for members is fierce.  How do you start and build a successful LinkedIn community?

Only Marketing Jobs is hugely proud to be featured as a case study by social media training & consultancy company, Link Humans, whose founder, Jorgen Sundberg, took time out to showcase our networking group on LinkedIn, the UK Marketing Lounge.

Started in January 2009, the UK Marketing Lounge is the LinkedIn group of Only Marketing Jobs, a multi-award winning niche job board. One of the founders is OMJ’s very own, Simon Lewis, who started this group when nobody knew how groups would develop on LinkedIn.  It was created at just the right time and since then the group has grown to more than 36,000 UK marketing members.



How did the group become so successful?

1. Exclusive – they only let a specific type of LinkedIn member in

2. Content – they added their own content and join in conversations

3. Moderation – no spam allowed in the group whatsoever

4. Weekly emails – an email focused on adding value to the community

5. Tenacity – it took 10,000 member to get things rolling


To find out more about creating your own group on LinkedIn and the success behind the UK Marketing Lounge,take a look at the full article on this case study.


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