How to Land a Career in IT

Published on: 12 Nov 2018

How to Land a Career in IT

The world of tech forms the backbone to every professional organisation, and is a constant presence in our day to day lives. We would be lost without our smartphones, laptops and tablets, and the majority of businesses would grind to a halt if the world wide web suddenly went down.

Given that it is so fundamental to our 21st century lives, it is no surprise that the IT sector offers a wide range of career opportunities. Beyond that, however, many of us want to have a better understanding of the technology that forms a backdrop to our lives and to play some role in its direction and evolution. If that sounds like a familiar story, here are some top tips for landing a career in IT.

Do you need a computer sciences degree?

Whatever career you are aiming for, academic qualifications in a relevant subject are always going to be of benefit. So of course a computer sciences degree is a fantastic thing to have. However, it is by no means a prerequisite. There are plenty of employers out there who will be happy to take on graduates regardless of the disciplines they have studied. Unsurprisingly, there are some that prefer candidates to have taken a STEM subject, but in general, the important thing is to be able to demonstrate a strong work ethic and an ability to see something through to the end. And whether that is computer science, mathematics, English literature or geography really doesn’t matter.

What career paths are available?

It would take several pages to even begin to answer that question. As we have already suggested, IT covers every aspect of our lives and is a cornerstone of every business. The path you choose to take very much depends on your skills and interests.

One pattern that has emerged over recent years is that is it becoming increasingly common for IT people to work in IT companies. That might sound obvious, but the point here is that a decade ago, practically every business had an “IT department.” This is a pattern that has shifted more towards outsourcing in recent years. Companies like Probrand deliver IT support services to businesses large and small and across a variety of sectors. Somewhere like this is the perfect environment to get a grounding in all the fundamental principles of IT.

Show me the money!

It’s the question everyone wants answered, but nobody wants to ask. What can you earn? Of course, that depends on many factors, but ultimately, if you make a success of your career and are good at what you do, the sky is the limit. Entry-level salaries in the IT sector for those at graduate level are around £27,000 on average. Obviously, this depends to a large extent on the job, the employer and the location, with some in excess of £30,000 and others down around the £20,000 mark.

Ultimately, if you have the skills and the will to succeed, a career in IT is a compelling option. One thing is certain, it is a sector that is only going in one direction.