How To Interview Like A Movie Star

Written by: Josh Hansen
Published on: 10 Oct 2013

Top 3 cinematic job interviews of all time

cameraGuest post by Josh Hansen on behalf of presentation skills company, Edison Red A job interview is something that pretty much all of us have been through at least once in our lives.  I’m sure some of us have been through them numerous times.  It can be a nerve-wracking, awkward and sometimes embarrassing experience. Have you ever thought at looking at movies for job interview inspiration?  There are a lot of films containing job interview scenes and whilst play out for comedy value, there are some highlight real-life job scenarios.  Here are the top 3 most engaging job interviews that have ever been on the silver screen:

The Company Men (2010) The Company Men was a fantastic movie with a great cast including Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones, Chris Cooper and Maria Bello to name a few. The plot centres around a corporation called the GTX Corporation who, because of the state of the economy, are forced to lay off some employees including high earner Bobby Walker (Ben Affleck). In this interview scene Bobby goes into an interview really frustrated at not being able to find a job.  When he finds out that he is actually being interviewed for a position less senior than he thought he snaps.  He lets his frustration get the better of him.



  • Make sure you know what job you’re interviewing for
  • Never lose your temper or personally insult the person interviewing you – (hopefully that much was obvious!)

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) Even the most hardened person has to be moved by this fantastic true story.  Will Smith is Christopher Gardner, an entrepreneur who is really down on his luck.  He has no money, his wife has left him, he has lost his home and on top of all that he has to take care of his young son. The interview scene from this movie sees Chris Gardner finally getting a break.  He lands an interview to become a stockbroker.  But after getting arrested and for a parking offence Chris shows up looking like a garbage man.  But his determination, personality and obvious drive to succeed impresses those interviewing him.



  • Even if the odds are stacked against you don’t panic, you don’t know what the interviewer is actually thinking
  • At the end of the day the most important part of your interview is being able to demonstrate the desire and ability to do the job
  • People buy passion, determination and enthusiasm as much - if not more - than experience and conformity

Kramer vs Kramer (1979) Here we have the classic that is Kramer vs Kramer.  This is one of the best performances Dustin Hoffman has ever produced. An Academy Award for best actor was his reward for this performance.  He plays the role of Ted Kramer a workaholic husband and father who always puts work first.  Until his wife Joanna who is played by Meryl Streep has enough and leaves him. This is a great interview scene and while it is very impressive it really is one that you would probably not want to emulate.  Ted is very dominant in this interview.  He is confident in his abilities and he lets the guy interviewing him know it.



  • Being self-confident and forthright is a legitimate interview strategy - just be wary of the arrogance

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