How To Get Back Into Work After A Long Time Out

Written by: Bamboo Crowd
Published on: 11 Apr 2014

Guest post by Bamboo Crowd, specialist recruiters within the Marketing & Advertising, Innovation, Technology, and Mobile sectors

How to get back into work after a long time outOver the years we’ve worked with many jobseekers who have been out of work for a while for one reason or another.  Whatever the reason, getting back into the workplace can be hard.  Confidence has taken a hit, recruiters can discount your CV, and the longer you stay out of work the harder it becomes to find a new role.

Because of these challenges we thought we’d put together some tips that should help make things a bit easier and hopefully get you well on your way to getting back into work.

1. Don’t rely on recruiters

It can seem tempting to lean on recruiters to help you find a role but you may have better success through your own network. Recruiters are dictated by the jobs they have and clients have a certain expectation when giving jobs to recruiters.  Whilst bypassing recruitment consultancies altogether my be a little foolhardy, getting out there yourself is a smart move.  Go to networking events, read up on recent news and get in touch with companies direct.  You’ll find that hiring managers are quite keen on finding candidates who are proactive.

2. Learn new skills

The workplace is changing at an unprecedented pace and it’s easy to fall behind. Take this opportunity to learn new skills but make sure what you’re learning is in demand. Don’t be tempted to start learning French and get learning HTML instead.

3. Build a profile

This is often massively overlooked by candidates. One of the best things you can do with your time is to begin building up a profile both online and offline. Start a blog, build up a social presence and get your voice heard.

4. Look to new locations

Often it can take a long time to find a new role mainly because you’re in a competitive marketplace. The London jobs market for instance is incredibly tough and certainly very popular. Look to new cities and even countries – you’ll find there’s probably a real demand for your skills and a real opportunity to find a great role somewhere else.

5. Keep an open mind

Finding the perfect role is almost impossible – at some point there will be compromises. Looking at other sectors or to different types of roles could open you up to new challenges and new career paths. Speak to people in your network, research new businesses and sectors on LinkedIn and browse different job sites to really get an idea of the possibilities that are out there.

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