How To Get A Graduate Marketing Job In London

Written by: Laura Chetcuti
Published on: 27 Oct 2015

Graduate Marketing Jobs in London

Are you a fresh graduate on the hunt for your first Marketing job in London? Not had much luck since your full summer off before embarking on the dreaded job hunt? First things first, stop freaking yourself out!  Take it from us, it can actually take months to land yourself the perfect graduate role, so be patient and abandon the panic. Secondly, it is a tremendously competitive market, especially in the Big Smoke. 

Visualise a legion of marketing graduates wading through the Thames, rocketing through the river beneath Tower Bridge to break into the city, degree proudly in hand and thrusting each other forcefully under the water upon contact. That is basically what it’s like. Only, we just portrayed it in a far more pleasurable and dramatized fashion. 

We have concocted a few simple steps for you to contemplate when probing for a graduate marketing job in London. We can’t wave a magic wand (devastatingly), but hopefully these points can help you to develop a pretty decent strategy and lead you to job-seeker victory!



Location Map of London [Google]

You may already live within a commutable distance to Central London, but if you don’t or if you live extremely far North, East, South, West, we recommend that you address this early on. Location can have a substantial impact on your first REAL job. If you are commuting 1.5 hours or more, this could put a real strain on your performance. Especially when you learning the ropes. A few things to consider location wise:

  • Location in relation to where you live currently 
  • Location in relation to where you would like to live in London (think about your monthly travel cost & cost of rents)
  • Location based on where you actually want to work. You might be more of a West End Wonderer than Canary Wharf Queen so consider it carefully. 



You grads aren’t always fully aware of what you are seeking from a culture perspective when it comes to your first real life, grown up, ADULT job. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the plethora of corporate graduate schemes available, but you need to seriously consider exactly what kind of working culture would be best for you. You might be well suited to the structured corporate landscape. Alternatively, you might be a better fit for a less formal start-up.  In London you are totally spoilt for choice culture-wise, so we encourage you to be picky. A great place to look for jobs based on culture is Talent Rocket, so get on there and have a look for yourself!



You may be open to taking the first job that comes your way because you’re DESPERATE, but we think you’re better than that! Think about the industry you want to build a career in. Something you’re passionate about. Are you a FMCG person? Finance? Maybe you’re into technology? Whatever it may be, your preferred industry should be included in your graduate job-seeker strategy. London gives you the widest choice in the country for industry.


Application Methods

If you decide to go down the graduate scheme route, expect nothing less than a formal online application process. You will virtually always be asked to upload a CV and a covering letter, so make sure yours is up to date and well-constructed.  On top of this you may be asked additional questions to support your application. Some businesses use the likes of video technologies and competency tests for initial pre-screening purposes, so make sure you research each application process thoroughly. 

Speculative applications can work well, but you need to put in some groundwork beforehand. Don’t just spray and pray in the hope of getting a good response. Create a top 20 list of businesses (based on this fabulous job-seeker strategy you’re putting together!) and tailor each CV and covering letter towards that organisation. Speculative applications tend to be more effective if you are looking for a role at a start-up or a smaller business and London is full to the brim of these!


Job Boards

Job boards are a great place to search for roles. A good example of a search you might make:
Graduate Search Snippet



As a graduate, you are unlikely to be contacted off the back of a referral if you don’t have any previous experience. A trick that many graduates miss is the importance of LinkedIn as a tool in your job-seeking strategy. LinkedIn is HUGE. Make no bones about it, you need to be on there and you need to be active if you want to give yourself a good chance of landing a role in London. Use LinkedIn to search for and target the businesses and hiring managers in London who might be recruiting for your dream role. 



Be realistic. Don’t expect finance salaries in Marketing because it is not going to happen (sob)! The average starting salary for a graduate marketer in London is around £22,000 though, which is nothing to moan about. Some schemes and roles may offer more or less but try not to focus too much on this. You need to find a role within a company that suits you best!


Agency-side or In-house?

Huge consideration. There are hundreds of marketing agencies in London and most businesses have an in-house marketing function. Both of these have frighteningly distinctive cultures and offer very different career paths. An agency-side role would give you more freedom but is typically more high pressured for the simple fact that there is a lot more riding on what you’re doing i.e. repeat client business.

Working in-house offers more focus and you are likely to be doing roughly the same things year on year. You will profit from a solid understanding of the company you work for and you are better positioned to respond to the needs of the business. 


How many graduate marketing jobs are there in London?

LOADS. Simple. There is no better place in the UK to be searching for a Marketing job so you’ve already selected a great location #goodstart. Take a look at the graduate marketing jobs in London on and start applying NOW.

We hope this has given you a good starting point when it comes to searching for your first marketing role in London, and GOOD LUCK. Keep your eye on as we have more graduate job-seeker guides to come!