How Not To Manage Your Business's Social Media Strategy

Published on: 6 Feb 2015

Social Media StrategyThe appeal of social media from a personal and business perspective is the freedom it gives for expression and marketing. There are no definitive rules other than moral codes of society and what’s deemed appropriate. 

The amount of content you publish on social media is not capped and this can be a blessing and a burden. In the early days of businesses using social media, there was a sense that many were fumbling around in the dark, trying to decide on a strategy by using trial and error. They’d try certain things, and they’d persevere with the content which seemed to hit the mark. By using surveys and gaining feedback, strategies were outlined which are now used as something of a template for businesses moving forward.

Social media marketing has elevated itself to the forefront of business strategy, and how you manage yours is such a key component to your potential or continued success. Here, we’re going to outline a few dos and don’ts when it comes to managing your business’s social media accounts and activity which could put you on the path towards an award-winning social media strategy.

Don’t just use your platform to sell, sell, sell... 

If you have, for example, a Twitter and Facebook account for your business then you have the ability to engage with an unlimited audience. The chance is there to interact with customers, be current, and spark interest in the products and services you offer. If you are using your social media purely as a sales tool, and you’re just pumping out boring information, you are not going to maximise its potential. Of course, the occasional sales push is essential and valuable and it should not be cast asunder completely. But the key to a good social media presence lies in your engagement, your relevance and your limitation of mistakes. 

Do generate and maintain interest... 

While sales are obviously right at the top of your goals list, focusing solely on them is a mistake. Brand promotion and a level of excitement and interest will combine to naturally result in higher sales, so by shifting the focus you should still end up with the results you desire. When you have a lot of followers on Twitter or a bunch of likes on Facebook, don’t let standards slip. Maintain your levels by producing content which is current and lively. Use hashtags for your promotions and offer deals which hook consumers in.

Don’t be knee-jerk...

Being impulsive can be a great thing and there is a place for it within social media. Off the cuff promotions and special offers, competitions and announcements can generate a buzz and spike interest. But the key content of your social media should be planned carefully, just as you would a traditional marketing ploy. Plan ahead, plan for seasonal trends and events, have your strategy in place to ensure you don’t slip up. Throw in the odd curveball, but by and large your output should be pre-planned and water-tight. 

Planning ahead will give you greater control of your strategy.

Do engage, interact and respond with your audience...

If a customer feels as if their opinions are being listened to, they are so much more likely to keep coming back. If their concerns are being met head-on and their feedback taken seriously, they will take your business seriously. Plus, if this type of interaction leads to an improved product or service, everyone’s a winner. Respond quickly to feedback, questions and especially complaints. Make sure you are busy with your audience and they know they can make their voices heard when it comes to the service they have received. 

Written by Nick Taylor, Forward Role Recruitment - recruiters within the marketing and digital sector