How Much Money Can You Earn In Digital Marketing?

Published on: 4 Oct 2017

Salaries in digital marketing

Money isn't everything. Career development is equally, if not more important than just trying to earn lots of money, but let's face it, you're not going to get a mortgage if you don't have financial backing so it's no surprise that salary continues to be a hot topic. This week we are looking at digital marketing jobs and the kind of salaries you can expect if you're working in the field. With the help of an online salary checker and our own data, let's delve into digital marketing and take a look at the kind of salary you can expect to earn:

Salary by industry

In terms of industry, digital marketing professionals can enjoy their highest average salary if they choose to work in retail/wholesale with the figure according to TotalJobs hitting £42,500. The lowest average salary for digital marketing jobs by industry can be found in education where you'll expect to rake in an average salary of £27,000. 

 The average salary for digital marketing jobs in:

Retail/wholesale - £42,500

IT & Internet - £37,500

Marketing, advertising & PR - £32,500

Media, new media & creative - £32,500

Recruitment - £29,750

Education - £27,000


Salary by location

Some of the following figures are to be expected given the cost of living London, but there's actually not a staggering difference between London and areas where house prices are signifcantly lower. Even though there isn't a whole lot of data here, the fact that the average digital marketing salary in Leeds is only £25000. The difference in the cost of living between these two areas is huge making average salaries in Leeds incredibly competitive. Food for thought? 

The average salary for digital marketing jobs in: 

London - £37,500

Leeds - £35,000

Manchester - £32,500

Bristol - £27,000


Salary by digital marketing discipline

Digital marketing hasn't been around for an awfully long time, but it certainly has a huge number of disciplines that seat beneath it. 

 The average salary for digital marketing jobs in:

UX - £47,500

Web analytics - £37,500

PPC - £37,500

SEO - £32,500

Email marketing - £29,000

Social media - £29,000


Truthfully, salaries vary widely, and on OnlyMarketingJobs you can find roles to accommodate every skill level and every pay bracket, from competitive graduate and entry level roles to marketing roles which are offering in excess of £200,000! The sky is the limit if you're willing to put the work in, and compared to the national average of £27,600, these averages spell good news for digital marketing professionals. 

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