How Do You Know If You’re Getting ROI From PR?

Written by: Tracey Barrett
Published on: 13 Mar 2017


Media coverage gives you something no other form of marketing does.  Third party credibility.

Being seen in publications your target audience reads makes your direct approaches less cold.  And when you’re seen regularly as a thought leader within your sector, you’ll be the first agency your potential client thinks of when they’re next hiring, you’ll be the agency candidates call when they’re starting to consider a move, and you’ll be the agency other recruiters want to work for.

But how do you measure it?

Know what your goals are.  Are you looking to increase candidate attraction? Client acquisition? Brand awareness? Internal recruitment?

Then measure them.

We asked our clients how they measure the ROI of their PR activities and the answers ranged based on their objectives:

  • Collect feedback from stakeholders
  • Keep track of attendees of events you run and the people you meet at networking events
  • Use press coverage in new client pitches to give third party verification of your expertise then measure your success rate
  • Monitor website traffic following new blog posts and look at the direct hits for each post
  • Record the number of mentions in the media each month
  • Ask people where they heard about you
  • Track who shares your content and comments on your blog posts
  • Measure increases in web traffic following press coverage
  • Ask candidates and clients for feedback on the articles they’ve read
  • Monitor increases in social media followers and engagements after sharing coverage and blog content
  • Analyse website SEO for key terms
  • Track the number of enquiries by phone and email over time
  • Compare your level of coverage against your competitors
  • Track numbers of new contacts added to your CRM

Measuring the ROI of your PR activities is down to being strict with your admin - keeping track of each step of the sales funnel and how each of your PR and marketing activities contributed.  It is very easy to attribute the fee solely to consultant but where did the lead come from?  What collateral did they use to demonstrate their capability?  Where did the client first hear about you?  If you don’t ask, you’ll never know - imagine if you cut the key activity that was driving your revenue because you couldn’t see its true success rate. 

And don’t forget to measure your website click throughs – where are they coming from?  What are they searching for?  What page are they landing on?

Are you promoting your coverage?  Why be in the press if you’re not going to leverage it?  Push it out further via social media.  Include a link in your newsletter.  Use it in your sales pitches.  Then measure, measure, measure and take credit for the sales that come from your PR activities.  I’ll be presenting at On the Edge Live’s Marketing within the Recruitment Sector on the 16th March on getting read, getting shared and getting noticed – I hope to see you there!

I’ll also be discussing more on how to measure the ROI of your PR at the Recruitment Marketing Masterclass on 22nd March with Lisa from Barclay Jones, and in a webinar with the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) on 28th March – check out the BlueSky PR social media feeds for full details of these events and more.

Tracey Barrett, Director, BlueSky PR – The specialist boutique communications consultancy for the recruitment, HR and talent management sectors.