Highlighting Malta As Your Next Career Relocation

Written by: Laura Chetcuti
Published on: 26 Jan 2016


We recently wrote a piece on Dubai and the reasons why you should relocate there if you’ve been considering relocation for a while. This week, we are going to flag up a country which might not seem like an obvious choice. Malta. 


Why is Malta a fantastic place to live and work? 


1. Little To No Language Barrier 

The British occupied the islands of Malta, Goza and Comino (among other uninhabited islands) for close to two centuries. As a result, English is one of Malta’s two official languages (the other is Maltese. Obviously). 


2. The Food

If anyone is like me and you absolutely adore your food, then you will be pleasantly surprised by Malta’s unique cuisine. Slap bang in the middle of The Med between Italy and the North African tip, Malta serves up a distinctive blend of European and North African influences, creating adaptations with its fresh, readily available local produce. A personal favourite is the delicious pastizzi, which is a savoury pastry filled with ricotta and spinach. Not unlike the Italian tortellini, just with pastry instead of pasta.

It. Is. Beautiful. 


3. The Weather

In Malta they soak up around 3000 hours of sunshine per year (jealous), with a summer season that lasts around 8 months. You’re instantly going to be happier as a result. No more pining for the vitamin D during the struggles of a British January, nope. If anything, you’ll probably look forward to their low season so you’ve got an excuse to wear your favourite woolly jumper and beanie hat. 


4. The Sea

Everyone is expressly aware that the sound of the waves lapping against the shore is a mentally soothing experience, so why wouldn’t this be a brilliant reason to move? 

You’ll have bad days in the office, granted, everyone does no matter where they're working. In Malta, if you can’t see the sea from where you are, you’re never going to be further than 15 minutes’ drive from it. The water is beautiful too. Malta offers an enviable lifestyle, where your mate Colin might hit you up circa 3.30pm whilst finishing an al fresco meeting on his 4th floor balcony, to see if you fancy a cheeky snorkel. 

Think about the fabulous Med-centric holidays you never quite get a chance to indulge in anymore because you’re paying over the odds for the central heating! Now think about that, minus the central heating trama, plus sunshine and add in the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea at your doorstep. Tell me…which do you fancy more? Honest answers and if you’re choosing freezing temperatures and horrendous heating bills, you’re delusional. 


5. It’s Quaint 

Malta is one of the tiniest countries in the world. I can barely even see it on my new scratch map (annoying when you've got Maltese heritage), it really is that small. Some maps knock it off all together (rude). With its total area of 316 km2 you can get absolutely everywhere in no time at all. That means no more horrific commutes and a longer lie-in. BRILLIANT. The islands really are phenomenal as well, so although tiny, you’ve got bags of stuff to do and you’ll spend far less time travelling than doing. 


6. It Is Drenched In Culture

Malta’s history is richer than your Grandad’s 1983 Cockburn Vintage Port, mainly due to its succession of powers. Malta has seen rule from the likes of the Romans, the Arabs, the French and The British (among copious others) and as a result, Malta boasts an incredibly diverse culture and architecture that wouldn't look out of place in Athens. I can’t help but feel that this tiny country is highly underestimated as a credible relocation option. It also has 359 churches! So if you’re religious, you’ve got an overwhelming choice of venue. You could try a new Church every week for roughly 7 years if you really fancied it, I mean, who wouldn’t want to do the Malta Church Challenge?


7. The Hospitality

Okay, I promise I’m not being biased here because I am part Maltese, but the Maltese are literally the friendliest people in the world and they treasure their visitors. With their sparkling personalities and approachable natures, the Maltese are always the first to rush over and assist if they spot a befuddled looking tourist in their midst. It is scary moving to any new place, let alone an entirely new country, however, Malta is most definitely one of the most welcoming ones you could choose. 


8. It Is Perfect If You’re Looking For Online Gaming Jobs

Interestingly, Malta is a mini-hub for the online gaming industry. Malta's extraordinary rise as one of the world's prime internet gaming centres has seen a number of high profile businesses set up shop there. There are a number of reasons as to why this has become the case in Malta, but it is mainly down to a key assemblage of financial, legal, technological and cultural factors. Are you looking for online gaming jobs abroad? If so we might have exactly what you're looking for


9. They Drive On The Left

How many of you have accidentally driven on the wrong side of the road on you holidays? There is nothing more disruptive to your mortal rhythms, than being forced to drive on the opposite side of the road. Is there anymore I need to say on the subject? 


10. Work-life Balance 

The Maltese government want their people to lead happy, fulfilling lives and have actually introduced laws to help each and every employee achieve a good work-life balance. Some of the perks include free and affordable childcare (every working parent in the UK will understand just how precious this kind of perk can be!), as well as enviable healthcare schemes and reasonable working hours. 


11. The Maltese Economy 

Malta’s developing economy has managed to bypass the economic crises and maintained a wonderfully low unemployment rate in comparison with the rest of the EU. The Maltese government prioritizes their efforts and resources on keeping this as low as possible and it is a fact that they pride themselves on. 


12. Attractive Sectors 

Due to the size of the English-speaking community and the warm climate, Malta has a flourishing expat community, particularly within the online gaming, financial, IT and tourism sectors. If you’re looking for a role within any of these sectors, you’re basically golden as far as Malta is concerned. 75% of employment in Malta is service based, with 22% manufacturing and 3% agriculture, so it’s obvious where the jobs are. 


13. An Easy Move For EU Citizens

It’s relatively easy to join the Maltese workforce if you’re already an EU citizen, where you’ll find yourself automatically in possession of a work permit. Along with all the factors listed above, a move to Malta would guarantee you a more relaxed lifestyle, a simple way of a life and easy cultural transition in terms of a big relocation. With a flight time of just over 3 hours, you're never far away from family and friends, plus you can enjoy joining the wider family-feel community that Malta has to offer.


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