Google For Jobs x Only Marketing Jobs

Published on: 26 Jul 2018

Google Search


It has been many months of waiting, but Google for Jobs has finally launched in the UK! This is obviously big news for those of us who operate within the recruitment space, and as such it has been a hot topic of discussion for some time now.

Jobseekers in the UK starting their journey with Google will now be presented with a new search experience, designed to reduce the difficulty in finding relevant jobs. Users will be able to explore appropriate jobs, from a range of different sources, within a single Google search. They will remain within the Google experience right up until the point at which they choose to apply. 

This search feature has been live in the US for almost a year and Only Marketing Jobs' job board provider, Madgex, partnered with Google to test and optimise the experience prior to launch. Since then, they have been monitoring its impact on job boards closely and have undertaken thorough analysis. As a result of this partnership between Madgex and Google, Only Marketing Jobs have been able to take advantage of the new Google tool since its first launch date, and all of our roles are fully optimised for the search function.


What is Google For Jobs?

Google for Jobs (GFJ) is a development on the Google Cloud Jobs API.  Google for Jobs combines the Cloud API with search engine features, and enables jobseekers to power their search themselves - putting the job search back in the jobseekers hands. Google have partnered with specific recruitment giants in order to present the highest quality of roles to jobseekers.

Cloud Jobs API uses machine learning to understand how job titles and skills relate to one another and what job content, location and seniority are the closest match to a jobseeker's preferences.


How Does It Work?

When jobseekers google job search phrases (e.g. "marketing jobs near me"), Google will pull what is deemed the most relevant information and roles and present them to the jobseeker. The search box will sit below paid advertising, but above all organic search results. This means that users are much less likely to scroll down to view the organic results, and will instead use the Google Jobs function.


What Impact Does This Have On Job Boards & Recruiters?

With the introduction of Google for Jobs, the way that users search for jobs will change. It is important that you are optimised for the new tool so that Google is able to crawl your site and pull the relevant information. Google will be deciding on a job-by-job basis whether your job board/recruitment platform is selected as the source website for a role - there will not be any duplicate content shown, so if you submit the same role as  other sites, only one of you can receive ownership! Ultimately, the deciding factor is whichever one of you provides what Google deems to be the most comprehensive and clear detail for the role. 


How Can Only Marketing Jobs Help You?

When you post on any of our job boards (whether it be Only Marketing Jobs, Only Digital Jobs, Only Agency-Side Jobs or PM Forum Jobs), your role will automatically be set up to be displayed on the Google for Jobs function, with no additional work required from you. We are constantly developing to ensure that we are providing you with the best possible service, and part of this is ensuring that we keep you ahead of the curve for new recruitment resources. Want to learn more about how we can help? Get in touch with our team today!