Google & The Mobile User Experience: Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

Written by: Laura Chetcuti
Published on: 28 Jul 2015

Google and Mobile User Experience

If you haven’t woken up to the effectiveness of mobile marketing by now, then we suggest it’s about time you did! By the end of 2015, campaigns run on smartphones and tablet devices will account for 50% of all digital marketing budgets. 

You see them everywhere.  What greets you on the platform on a Monday morning on your way to work? An ocean of thumb tapping crusaders navigating their way through the weekend emails, checking multiple social media accounts, scrolling news apps and writing text messages. It is rare to see someone in this scenario without a mobile phone in their hand! 

Interesting consumer data which has been compiled by Google in the US has shown that last year saw a 20% increase in mobile share and an 18% decrease in time spent per visit. 

Think about your own smartphone activity for a second. Makes sense, right?

Whilst we are visiting our mobile devices more often, we can now tick off a higher volume of activities in a shorter space of time thanks to the ease of applications and mobile-friendly websites. Google can now predict what we are going to type into the search bar after just a word or two. This is a small development in recent years which has enabled time spent immersed in our phones to decrease. 

During the recent WSI Digital Summit held in Gloucestershire, Google’s Ed Ackerman (Head of Channel Partnerships) gave an informative presentation on the mobile user experience. He categorised consumers online needs under the following four titles: I want to know, I want to go, I want to do and I want to buy. 

 I want to know:-

  • 65% of mobile users look up information online
  • 66% use their mobiles to engage with an advertisement they have seen on television

I want to go:-

  • 82% of smart phone users turn to search engines when looking for local businesses
  • “Near me” searches have increased 34 times since 2011, with 80% being from mobile devices as of Q4 2014

I want to do:-

  • 70% increase in searches related to “how to” year on year
  • 91% of mobile users take to their devices for ideas whilst doing a task 

I want to buy:-

  • 82% of smartphone users consult their mobile phones whilst in store
  • 39% of consumers report having made a purchase from their kitchen and 28% have admitted to making purchases in the car

As a business, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is your website mobile-friendly? 
  2. Is your mobile-friendly site responsive and accessible? 
  3. How would you rate the quality of your mobile user experience? 

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