‘Driving Change Through Innovation’ – A Round-Up

Published on: 25 Sep 2015

On The Edge Digital

We recently sponsored a full day marketing conference at The Studio in Birmingham, which was packed with engaging presentations, interactive roundtable discussions and ample networking opportunities. Another successful OnTheEdge event, I am sure that everyone who attended would be in agreement that some of the information exchanged was invaluable.

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As well as an informative day, the complimentary networking drinks were also a huge success, with stories of “commercial sausages” and marketing recruitment among some of the key topics discussed. You really had to be there! 

Gez Smith - Lloyds Banking Group – ‘Should Marketers Become Agile?’

Gez kicked off the day’s presentations with what can only be described as a thoroughly engrossing talk on agility in marketing. Using examples such as Oreo’s ‘you can still dunk in the dark’ campaign, he explained agile marketing in modest, simple terms. Gez also concentrated on closing the gap connecting IT project management and marketing, building a more streamline marketing process exploiting some of the best project management techniques.

View Gez’s presentation here.

Ollie Purdom - Pitch Consultants – ‘The Demands That Innovation Places On The Modern Marketer’

Ollie gave us a valued insight into the mind of the modern marketer, intelligence that is especially unique to him as an expert marketing recruiter. Ollie also delves into the significance of employer branding, observing company values as an example. From ‘standard’ values words such as ‘honesty’ ‘integrity’ and ‘passion’ to the more innovative set company beliefs where he appropriately cited Netflix and Google as examples.

View Ollie’s presentation here.

Chris Pile - NEC Group – ‘Making The Physical & Digital World Work Together’

Many of us have attended events at NEC spaces, but we rarely give the venue the attention and credit it deserves! After all, an audience is there to see a show, not necessarily eye up the setting. Chris shared the challenges that himself and his marketing team face when attempting to marry up their physical and digital presence. He took us on a journey into NEC’s digital customer experience, and described their progression from initial concepts to execution.

View Chris’s presentation here.

Neil Collard - e3 – ‘Leveraging digital trends for maximum marketing impact’

Neil is the Managing Director of e3, an innovative digital agency who firmly believe that digital is the closest we get to magic! He spoke to us about the future of the innovation curve and the skills that marketers need to acquire in order to leverage current and upcoming trends in Marketing. The marketing landscape is relentlessly evolving at a rapid rate, and it is the present and future marketer’s responsibility to sustain it!

View Neil’s presentation here.

Oliver Parsons Brooks England – ‘Content Collaboration to Successfully Engage Your Audience’

Brooks England is largely recognised as a heritage British brand, and Oliver transports us on a journey Brooks’ successful content collaboration campaign. With a wide variety of bloggers/writers, Brooks have effectively engaged their already loyal audience, as well as expanded their customer base significantly. As marketers, we understand the value of high quality, original content and Brooks have won at content!

View Oliver’s presentation here.

Dan HareCommunigator – ‘Marketing Automation Simplified’

Dan Hare of Communigator is no less than an email marketing guru. He chatted to us about everything from the fundamentals of the written text (headers, subject lines, format) and content, to the value of remarketing. His presentation was based around marketing automation, and there is no better business when it comes to hints and tips, than Communigator!

View Dan’s presentation here.

Mark MantonExperian – ‘How Digital Transformation Drives Innovation’

Mark rounded the day up with his enlightening presentation on the much speculated, digital transformation and the ways in which marketers can adopt a digitally disruptive mind-set in order to embrace it! He addressed the new digital culture and the reality that many senior managers are still reasonably ignorant to it. Thanks to Mark, we now have a great idea about what successful innovation looks like in a digitally mature and transformed business.

View Mark’s presentation here.

Enjoy fellow marketers!