Do The Marketing Strategies Of Old Still Work?

Published on: 20 Jun 2018

Marketing strategiews

Within the world of business, marketing continues to play a vital role. It is the major way in which you can help attract more customers by telling people about what you do. It allows people to find out not only about your services but also about your brand. By letting your customers know what makes you special, it helps them choose you when they need your product.

There is no doubt that marketing has seen a big change over the last decade or so. This has seen digital marketing become increasingly key as more consumers lead a digital lifestyle. From social media marketing to SEO and PPC ad campaigns, digital marketing is a key concern for most companies now.

What about traditional marketing methods that you used pre-digital? Do they still have a place in modern business?

Marketing hasn’t changed

When thinking about this question, it is important to think about marketing itself. What is it really there to achieve, and how does it work at a fundamental level? In essence, it is connecting with people to let them know who you are, what you do, and why they should choose you. The other influencing factors within marketing are:

  • People buy when emotionally motivated
  • Business is about building personal relationships
  • Face-to-face contact is still relevant

When you take the above into account, you realize two things. The first is that marketing hasn’t really changed – it is just how you do it that has a bit. The second thing is that the old-fashioned ways of marketing are still relevant as they are often better at engagement and building personal customer relations.

Which traditional marketing methods work best?

Of course, this is not to say that all digital marketing is bad or all traditional marketing methods should come back. In truth, you need a mix of the most effective tools from each niche to succeed in modern business. When it comes to traditional marketing, here are the best methods to use:

  • Store-front signage – the space in front of your store is prime real estate for marketing. You need to have eye-catching and inviting signage out there to attract passersby and tell people about you. Many businesses now will use beautiful chalkboards to do this. Buy a black chalkboard and a white pen for blackboard pack so that you can create truly attention-grabbing signs.
  • Demonstrations – a great way to market what you do and why it is so great is to have demonstration events. These could be in your store, which has the added bonus of letting people know where they can find you. In addition, you could set up an event at a local festival or town center to showcase what you offer.
  • Get out there and chat – the best way to connect with people on an emotional level is by face-to-face contact. Get some flyers printed up and get out into the local community to hand them out. This will allow you to chat to your potential customers and build that lasting impression that will make them shop with you.
  • Give away free stuff – everyone likes getting something for free! This traditional marketing tactic uses that to your advantage. It needn’t be expensive either as it can be something as simple as pens or keyrings. By giving something way for free when people shop with you, you are building loyalty with your customers and a positive brand image.
  • Sponsor a charity event – as noted before, most people actually shop or choose what service to use on an emotional level. This can be leveraged to your advantage by sponsoring a charity event or giving a prize away for the raffle. The local community will notice that you have done something nice like this and build up a positive image of your company for the future.

Traditional marketing has its place

The above examples of the best traditional marketing methods show that it still has its place in modern business. The real value in using these methods is that they seem to carry a greater level of trust with the public than some digital marketing routes. Much of this is down to the greater personal interaction that the traditional methods give you with customers. The best option by far is to mix the best digital and traditional marketing methods together to get the best results. By doing this, you will see your business enjoy a greater public profile with more people likely to buy from you.