Brilliant Marketers Earn Less Than Minimum Wage

Written by: Simon Lewis
Published on: 17 Jan 2013

Why all marketers deserve a pay rise..!

empty pocketsEngaged marketers earn less than £6.16 per hour, a shocking new study has revealed – 3p an hour less than the minimum wage. This means hard-working brand exponents on a standard salary of £27,000 annum could be better off stacking supermarket shelves.

With a demand on today’s workforce to deliver more results, more quickly, smartphones and mobile devices encourage employees to work outside contracted hours, for which they are not paid.

The expectancy on social marketers to be instantly reactive to events affecting their company, means that the typical brand advocate works an average 12-hour day, including evenings and weekends. Do the maths.

Responding to tweets, reacting to LinkedIn comments and managing Facebook traction are essential elements to the socially-savvy band advocate, yet many employers undervalue the role, misinterpreting the ROI and misunderstanding the efforts of their employees.

With expectant consumers demanding better customer service and accentuated engagement, isn’t it time impassioned brand ambassadors were rewarded for the efforts their employers impose?

Should contemporary marketers be expected to work outside contracted hours without compensation?

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