Be A Better Marketer – Follow Trends

Written by: Simon Lewis
Published on: 16 Aug 2013

Latest salary and employment insights survey

625x350Keeping up-to-date with marketing trends, industry news and new developments which may impact on the marketing and communications (M&C) industry is a huge part of becoming and remaining a successful marketer. Being well informed on recruitment trends within marketing and communications may not impact on your abilities, but it will help you to make employment decisions and ultimately help you to achieve your career goals and reach your full potential.

Throughout 2011 and 2012 the marketing and communications sectors were adversely affected by the downturn.  With the markets now beginning to show signs of improvement and growth, 2013 has been a great deal more optimistic.  This optimism is expected to continue into 2014 and beyond.  The good news is, according to the Hudson 2013 Salary and Employment Insights survey, the marketplace is already beginning to show the positive effects of this growth and optimism.  Some highlights:

  • 85% of M&C employers anticipate that headcount in their team would remain the same or increase in the next 12 months
  • 22% of M&C employees claim to have seen a decrease in stress levels over the past year compared to a 15% national average
  • 31% of M&C employers said that they felt morale at work had become more positive in the past year
  • 71% of M&C employees said that they were happy with their current benefits package
  • 61% of M&C employees said that they would recommend their employer to a friend

After the uncertainty of the past few years, it is good news that headcounts are expected to grow and demand for marketing and communications employees is increasing.









This demand will make it easier for people to change roles, move companies and climb the corporate ladder to meet their individual career goals.  This increase in demand for marketing and communications staff already has employers worried. When surveyed, 77% said that they were concerned or very concerned about losing employees in the next twelve months.  This may ultimately lead to employers offering more attractive benefit and remuneration packages in a bid to retain high performing staff.

The general outlook for the coming months is one of cautious optimism. Marketing departments have been working hard in proving their worth to businesses that are looking to cut costs in difficult economic conditions.  However, as the recession lifts, the hard work is beginning to pay off. Marketing and communications professionals across the UK are beginning to reap the rewards through increased opportunity and greater benefits.