8 Things To Do When The Office Is Dead On A Snow Day

Published on: 1 Mar 2018

Snow day

The worst thing about bad weather, particularly when it snows, is when half the office can’t get in. For the lucky few who don’t have mammoth commutes, this can be one of the most demotivating situations they have to deal with in life. It’s boring. It’s deathly quiet. The buzz of life has dissipated. It’s just downright depressing. You may laugh in the face of your coworkers on a day-to-day basis when it takes you a ten minute hop to get home, but they’re the ones laughing at you, as they set up shop in their pyjamas all day and you’re forced to sit all alone in a freezing cold office, fending for yourself. WELL we’ve come to your rescue bored, abandoned office worker. Check out our top tips for a snow day in the office:


Actually do some work

Stop being so effing lazy and think about actually doing some work why don’t you? This is obviously a priority so use the peace as a chance to get caught up with everything you’ve got to do.


Organise your desk

Over time we tend to accumulate a rather large collection of crap on, around and inside various parts of our desks. If you’ve done all the vital stuff you needed to do, you know, for your job, then have a tidy. It will feel so damn good once you’ve done it, you’ll feel like a fresh human being. (This GIF though.)



Well if there’s no one in, why not have a bit of a party? You’ve got to do something to keep your soul alive in these dark, treacherous days.


Order takeout

Or just go across the road to the pub with a plate and ask them to fill it with chips (you have to pay, obviously.) Let’s face it, no one chooses salad for their last meal.


Have a drink

It’s medicinal okay, how else are you supposed to warm up your insides? Sometimes tea and coffee simply won’t do. This is going to require drastic measures. We’re not suggesting a midday binge, just a drop of brandy or a Baileys or something. If in doubt just think to yourself, ‘what would the Queen do?’ If you’re not a drinker or such a lightweight that you couldn’t get away with it, a very hot chocolate with loads of sugar will probably do the trick.


Build a snowman

You may as well take advantage of the snow. Let’s face it, we rarely get a decent coverage so wrap up, put your best foot forward and build something to be proud of!


Prank call your WFH colleagues

Why? Why not! Just choose your victim wisely and don’t waste the whole day doing this, as tempting as it is. We don’t want to encourage you to ride completely off track here, we just want you to have a bit of innocent fun.


Search for a new job

Let’s face it, if you’re so bored that you’ve even considered reading this, you can’t be feeling that fulfilled at work. We love to hate to be the ones to tell you this, it’s true. Don’t fret though, we’ve got loads of new marketing jobs on the site at the moment, so what are you waiting for?